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Simulation impressive. Solidarity with the Egyptian defendants. Were sentenced to death 
Thank the people of Turkey 
Thank Erdogan
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vote for pimp
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Egyptian police injures the anti- coup protesters
 inside Ain shams university since few !!
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Photos .. Anatolia: Turkey permeated popular protests to condemn the death sentences in Egypt 
Turkey has seen mass demonstrations in protest against the death sentences of 528 people, supporters of Egyptian President "Mohamed Morsi," spread across the country, at the invitation of the youth party Justice and Development Party in Turkey. 
Systems where thousands of Turks in the city, "Konya" - southern Turkey - a protest Z Judgment of Egypt executed 529 Egyptian supporters of legitimacy.
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Did it make news in the world media? I haven't witness. The world's media who supported General Sisi in Egypt and make news out of any unrest in Muslim world, turned ignorant to these wide spread peaceful protests in Turkey against military regime in Egypt. Why? Because they want a wide spread image of Islam in the world to be still stay in every-bodies mind that a Muslims kill each other not support for better future. 
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Vote for pimp

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Malaysian demonstration for Egypt, featuring the popular hashtag written in Arabic
Vote for pimp or vote for the pimp (Arabic: انتخبوا العرص‎) is an expression carried forward based on an old Egyptian cultural term. Now used by some to refer to the country's military leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.
1 The origin
2 The rise
3 Out of social media
4 Opposing the trend
5 See also
6 References
The origin
The term, (Arabic: العرص‎), translates in English to "the pimp". Egyptians used the term during the British colonel era; to describe a policeman who was responsible to check prostitutes before/while they practice the profession.[1] The expression evolved recently into now a very popular hashtag against the 2013 Egyptian coup d'état leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi after he announced his candidacy for the soon expected Egyptian presidential election, 2014.[2][3] Some do attribute the hashtag to opponents of the 2013 Egyptian coup d'état, which took place in Egypt in July 2013.[4] While, the term has been used to refer to general's supporters by some Egyptian activists since September 2013.[5]
The rise
The hashtag has started circulating social media on the 26 of March, as reported by Keyhole.[6] The day that coincided with General Sisi announcing his intention to run for presidency.[7] According to the tracking website, Keyhole, the hashtag achieved more than 100 million impressions within days of creation, and generated tens of thousands of messages on Twitter. Keyhole states that 23 percent of the hashtag's impressions came from outside Egypt.[8]
As of 2 April, almost on week after the campaign started, the number of impressions had surpassed 400 million.[9] On 7 April, Aljazeera reported based on a poll the news network conducted, 93% of participants agree to the usage of the hashtag. [10]
Out of social media
Since the campaign started a trend has been going on in Egypt to paint and write the hashtag onto walls and government property. Most notably government buses.[11] Moreover, the hashtag popularity encouraged some people who are computer illiterate to insult the coup's leader.[12] On 1 April, 4 days after the hashtag has been trending, the Android play store published an App allowing users to follow on the topic updates and trends. The app received an overwhelming response from users, where 78 out 81 who rated the App gave it 5 stars.[13]
Opposing the trend
After the trend went global, some popular Egyptian television presenters were reported asking the government to block Twitter as a counter measure. However, the move has not been carried out yet.[14]
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Political terminology in Egypt

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