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Do you like Deep house Music?
Do you like Deep house Music?


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** BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT 40% OFF ** NEW RELEASE OUT NOW // Fer Ferrari - The Soul Catcher EP / incl Forteba​ remix. OUT NOW on Beatport​...
use code: CYBERSALE // download: // #deephouse #deepclass #ferferrari #analogsound
early support:
Paco Osuna​ - Will try thanks ;)
Gene Farris​ - great thanks!!!
Richie Hawtin​ - downloaded for r hawtin
Joseph Capriati​ - downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Rishi Karim​ - The Soul Catcher is great thank you :)
Dario Rosati​ - Back for More, Excelente track.
Tim Baker​ - Full Support
Miguel Garji​ - top tracks here. Support, gracias
Lars Behrenroth​ - I like the soul catcher!
Xabi Emparan Arruabarrena​ (Technical Department Ibiza Global Radio) - The authentic Class of the authentic Deep House. Thank you for keeping alive this fresh sounds.
Richie Hartness​ (untitledmusic) - Quality EP - 3 out of 4 are right up my alley
Carlos Alfonsín​ - Back For More (Original Mix) is very good
Javi Viana​ - i like all track, thanks
UruMusicArt​ - Solido lanzamiento! Lo llevamos de viaje, gracias
Kiss FM Ukraine - Downloading for KISS FM, thanks!
G spice​ - real soul catcher ep . back for more is my fav one
Marc Excentric​ - Me encanta back for more! gran EP!
Ivan Garci​ - nice reléase,Back for more is my fav,thanks a lot.
LEMONADE​ - Not alone for me, thanks!
Luis Nieva​ - nice release , thanks
Mark Mac - Class tracks as ever guys always a joy to get an email telling me Deepclass promos have touched down because I've never been disappointed. Top vibes from start to finish..

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NEW RELEASE OUT NOW Beatport /// KEEP THE SECRET VOL15 - with Arian Doko, Akar, Eartone, Da Rien, Monobrother D... (DeepClass Records)

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IF You missed our latest radio show, you can listen here!!! enjoy!!! mixed by Dario Rosati, hosted by Fer Ferrari // DeepClass Radio Show @ Ibiza Global Radio

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Paco Osuna – Will try thanks ;)
Gene Farris – thanks!!! good stuff!!
Jon Delerious – Nice deep grooves here – Thanks for the music!
Sunshine Jones – Thank you!
richie hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Demarkus Lewis – Nice deepness here!
Giom – Thanks guys
Miguel Garji – Great ep. Full support, gracias
G Spice – class ep!
Franco Kaus – Wow! I love the sound of DEEP ACTIVE SOUND, many thanks for the music!
BIG FABIO – support. thanks
Luis Nieva – nice release
Viana – Muy buenos todos, pero el primero me gusta mucho..felicidades
Kiss FM Ukraine – Downloading for KISS FM, thanks!
Dallomo – top
Anthony Mea – nice thanks
Ivan Garci – great release,all tracks are perfect for me. Congratulations. Thanks.
Mark Mac – Top release the usual standard coming from one of the finest Producers around.. Cheers guys solid release.
Carlos Alfonsin – Very nice music! Thanks
Igor Gonya – Nice deep wave by DAS! Support!
Richie (untitledmusic) – Quality from DAS
Igor Marijuan – great release here to be supported in my shows at Ibiza Sonica and gigs.. many thanks!
Jevne (one thirty Rec) – dope deep grooves
Lemonade – Good!
Rishi K. – Awesome from Deep Active Sound as always cheers brother.
Andrew Chibale – i like them all but Just Talk is my fave .. will use them .. great EP

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[NEW RELEASE OUT NOW] /// Keep The Secret Vol.14 - Artists: Echodust, Ben Deeper and Monobrother D.


early support:
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks ;)
Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Alexi Delano – Thank you!
Gene Farris – thanks!!!
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Anthony Mea – ben deeper for me thanks
Andrew Chibale – Dove !!!
Demarkus Lewis – Dove is nice
GIOM – Dove is cool, will try it
Jon Delerious – Medicine is a stellar track! Really dig Dove as well – Top EP!
Dj Javi Viana – nice work guys.thanks
Mark Mac – excellent collection. each track has a tiptop vibe..Really hard to pick a fave but it comes down to a choice between Soul lights and Dove. 10/10
Carlos Alfonsín – So nice release!
Luis Nieva – nice release
DJ INO – I love the Echodust track…Very nice sound !!
Davide Dallomo – love both
Alex Galvan Reyes – good job, Medicine goes direct to my next radio show, ibizaglobalradio support yeahhh
Kiss FM Ukraine – Downloading for KISS FM, thanks!
Ivan Garci – quality sounds here,great reléase.Thanks.
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) – Great 3 tracks here. Support as always.
Richie Hartness (untitledmusic)– Opener is quality, others solid but not up to the first for me – Mono possibly a grower
Xavi (Ibiza Global Radio) – I’m going to play it right now on Ibiza Global Radio
LEMONADE – Deep vibes, thanks!
Lucky Mphilo – HOOOOOOOT

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NEW RELEASE OUT NOW on Beatport - Daniele Bonaldo - Green Carpet (DeepClass Records)

early support:
Paco Osuna – Will try thanks ;)
Mr. V – nice grooves
richie hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Gene Farris – thanks!!! good stuff!!!
MarcSoul – This release is awesome! full quality. Congratulations. Full support in my radio show
Ivan Garci – great release,love all tracks.Quality sounds here.Thanks a lot.
Joseph Capriati – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Lars Behrenroth – nice’n’deep
Miguel Garji -Great job. Full support, gracias
Dj Viana – nice tracks, thanksssss
Uru Music Art – Nice EP, thanks!
Mark Mac – Stunning brilliantly built beats 3 top tunes 1 top release Deepclass. Killer beats from start to finish.. Cheers
Lemonade – Good deep, thanks!
Richie (untitledmusic) – support
Carlos Alfonsin – Very good Chun Chun! Thanks for the music
Franco Kaus – Deep Flower! nice groove, i will play on my radioshow, thanks!
Kiss FM Ukraine – Downloading for KISS FM, thanks!
Miss Luna – 3 beautiful tracks. Full support
Xavi (Ibiza Global Radio) – Clearly pure deep sounds! Congrats for Daniele Bonaldo for this groove. 7/8 minutes track and would be TOP! Will play it on my next radioshow on Ibiza Global Radio.

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OUT NOW ON BEATPORT! Fer Ferrari - Inside The Tune (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records]

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*** NEW RELEASE OUT NOW // Fer Ferrari​ - Floating EP (DeepClass Records) *** exclusive Beatport​... with strong feedbacks like:
Paco Osuna​ – Will try thanks ;)
Joseph Capriati​ – downloading for joseph capriati, thanks!
Richie Hawtin​ – downloaded for r hawtin
GIOM​ – Cool tracks, good work mate!
Andrew Riley​ (inland Knigths) – nice
Tim Baker​ – full Support
Lars Behrenroth​ – Floating is dope!
Carlos Alfonsín​ – Great tracks!
Carlos Shaw​ – Excellent Realease !! Floatiing is a track with deep chords and solid groove take your mind to another place!
Gene Farris​ – thanks!!!
Andrew Chibale​ – thank you ! will play these out !
Miguel Garji​ – Another good job of my friend Fer. Support, gracias
Luis Nieva​ – nice release , thanks
Lucky MrBrown Mphilo​ – Floating is amazing…
Jero Nougues​ – Nice 3 tracker pack, very nice and deep, definitely would fit a terrace session, not something I would play but still good quality deep house, thanks!
Lenny Ibizarre​ – Love it
Santi Garcia​ – Nice Ep Thanks !!!!
Kiss FM​ – Downloading for KISS FM, thanks!
G spice​ – Floating is great . deep synths and bleeps . love it!
Dj Salinas - balearic feelings​ – cool deep ibiza vibe ;) support in my show!!
Marc Excentric​ – Otro gran trabajo del maestro. Me encanta “inside the tune”, esa es la frescura que me gusta. Le voy a dar muchas vueltas en el beach club!
Big Fabio – Thanks!
Franco Kaus​ – Many thanks!!! very nice music!
Urumusicart SueyUru​ – Gran lanzamiento! Total apoyo en Shamkara Radio Show. Gracias
Sensoreal Supergrow​ – Groooove :)
Ivan Garci​ – it.Thnks.
Mark Mac – Killer Vibes 3 Top Sounds Built And Made To Be Played…. Ideal For The Shows And My Mixes. Thanks As Ever DCR. 10/10
Xavi – Long life to the authentic deep sound!Will play it on my radioshow.Bests,

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[NEW ALBUM OUT NOW] Deep Vibes, Vol. 6 (DeepClass Records) on Beatport​ // artist like: Sebbe​, Deep Active Sound, Unus Emre​, Fer Ferrari​, Vidal Rodriguez​, Miss Disk​, Gurhan, Paul Kardos​, Big Al & Kurtz​...
** Include Continuous DJ Mix selected & Mixed by Fer Ferrari **
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