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Resistor Headbands (with option for DNA double helix) - March for Science
Last week I posted a photo of myself wearing the Resistor Knit Hat that I designed in the  March for Science's Facebook group. (Click here to see the hat pattern as well as a little bit about resistors, my science, and why I will march in the March for Scie...

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DNA double helix knit hat
Hi everyone! This is a super short post that will be filled in at a later date. I wanted to share my pattern for the DNA double helix pattern. It is pretty much identical to the Resistor Hat pattern with a different colorwork pattern. Enjoy! The link to the...

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Resistor Knit Hat
Posing in the Resistor Hat at my lab bench at Stanford University I designed this to wear in the March for Science on April 22, 2017.  This hat pattern features a circuit with a battery and 3 resistors in series (to increase the resistance). Resistors are c...

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Christmas Cowls
Christmas 2016 was the year of the cowl. My eldest niece Taryn, a budding fashionista, requested a red knit cowl and, once I make one cowl, momentum took hold and I made all the nieces their own cowl. I even made my mom a cowl (Pictured below). I liked Tary...

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Snail patterned knit hat
I have always had a thing for snails and snail designs. I think it has to do with the beauty of the spiral shell. One day I sat down with my graph pad and designed a snail pattern to knit. About a year later, I finally got that pattern onto my knitting need...

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Phage Patterned Knit Hat
This image shows a cross section of phage infecting an E. coli cell.  Credit: Lee Simon. Source My latest #ScienceKnit is this bacteriophage hat. Bacteriophage are viruses that attack bacteria. They generally consist of a head containing the genetic materia...

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Uterus Patterned Knit Hat
I'd like to welcome the newest addition to my #KnitYourPhD line of #ScienceKnits: this amazing uterus patterned knit hat.  One of the things I love about making PhD-related items is the chance to explain the awesome research of my friends on this blog. This...

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Police Box Knit Mittens
Here is my newest installment in the #TardisKnit series (see the others here ). I added a top and thumbs to the Police Box Arm Warmers  to come up with this design. As written, it will fit small-medium hands (I am wearing them above and I wear a medium glov...

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Bird Patterned Knit Hat
I published the Hawaiian Amakihi fingerless mitts a while back for my ecologist friend Loren who studies these birds. Shortly after making this pattern, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to also have this pattern on a matching hat?" Now, over a year after com...
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