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A realistic expectation on what I want the next Nexus to be.

Nexus X or 6, made by Motorola 

CPU: 2.5ghz Quad-Core Snapdragon 1000
GPU: Adreno 420
Display: 5.0" 1080p 440ppi Gorilla Glass 4 AMOLED
Sound: Front facing speakers like HTC One (I can dream)
Android OS: 4.6 or 5.0 (Includes Active Notifications)
Camera: 10MP OIS with 25% bigger sensor
USB: 3.0 (For faster charging and data transfer)
Bluetooth: 4.1 SMART Low Energy 
Battery: 2600mAh Battery
NFC: Yes 
Wireless Charging: Yes 
Cost: 16GB: $349, 32GB: $399

What do you guys think?

Does anyone know how to set up a profile tweak that when I have my screen off but Google Music streaming, it will keep my mobile data on. So far I got it to turn on/off with screen on/off and also figured how to set it at 15 min intervals to turn data on for 1 minute then turn off. Thanks guys! 

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#ifihadglass I would utilize it to connect the world with the best moments I have around my job. I can help show people how the Fire Department works and be able to show them how amazing of a job it is to work in public safety :)
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