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I tried to get the JOIN beta and it doesn't show up -- apparently it doesn't think my BlackBerry Priv (Lollipop Android device) isn't compatible with it..... It does show up for my Passport (BlackBerry with an Android KitKat runtime) however.

While I can probably grab it on the Passport and sideload it I'd rather do it the "official" way... any love coming for us Priv owners?
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yes. You copy some text on your PC and paste it on your phone :)
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That was good for a ticker here at
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I have been using Bluewater Bay Dental and Dr. Broutin for family dental needs for a number of years. I got a relatively bad draw in the genetic lottery when it comes to teeth and their office has done a good job of keeping my choppers in good working order. I particularly appreciate that they offer multiple options when appropriate and will work with you to craft a plan for your dental health that attempts to accomplish your goals in a reasonable manner -- and when restorative or other significant work needs to be done it is taken care of in a prompt and professional manner with your comfort in mind. My daughter also has had her routine cleanings and exams done here. Strongly recommended as a dentist you should consider for both the adults and kids in your household.
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