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Leslie Smith

Hey Stef ( or any SQL ninja out there)

I am going through a major update to my textpattern sites and want to import only the relevant parts of the old site into the new textpattern table. I want to import the "news" section. Is there an instructional out there somewhere?
The structure of the textpattern table has changed in regards to the custom fields so the SQL would (I imagine) have to be based on calling both the custom field Name and the Section "News" rows. Anybody done this already?
Will welcome other solutions as well.
Thanks in advance

Post has attachment is bringing up a "Non-Existant Domain" message ? Is it that way for everyone?

I had a weird hack to day from (Kiev, Russia). Someone took over one of my shared sites (Cpanel login) and updated my textpattern instance to the latest version!? Added a wierd domain name as well. Very quirky.
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