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Parkersburg Car Accident Lawyer
Car accidents are a main reason of injuries and demise in the US. There are numerous factors to research and evaluate in determining the cause of a car accident.  Fault in car accidents is commonly assigned the use of the law of negligence, so that someone ...

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If you or somebody in your family has been harmed in a serious car accident, contact an accomplished car accident lawyer at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law. Our expert administration is designed to ensure that the max amount of compensation is recovered. We also ...

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West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer
Have you been injured in car accident , slip and fall accident , or some other instance that left you with expensive medical bills? Is someone else at fault for your suffering? At Jan Dils Attorneys at Law we've been a proud West Virginia personal injury la...

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Appeal that SSA Decision with the Help of a Lawyer
disability benefits is supposed to make incapacitated workers’
lives easier as their disabilities inhibit their abilities to bring
in income to the household. While every disabled
worker should have access to this kind of government support, not

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How to Know Child's Eligibility for Benefits
your child is 18 years old and below and diagnosed with a disability,
he or she may be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income
(SSI) benefits. If approved, he or she may get monthly payments
periodically adjusted to fit the cost of living. Note ...

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What to do when Your SSD Claim is Denied
Being gainfully employed is considered a privilege by
some people. With a stable job, they can provide for their family and maybe
have enough for some luxuries like a fancy car. However, some people can no
longer enjoy such privileges if they have a disabli...

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FAQs about SSD Benefits Eligibility
The screening process for SSD
benefits can be confusing for many applicants. Take the time to read some of the
most frequently asked questions regarding application for SSD benefits: My
condition isn’t permanent. Do I still have a chance to receive my benef...

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Possible Reasons for Social Security Appeals
You have the right to appeal the decision of the
Social Security Administration. When you believe that you should have been
approved for benefits or when you disagree with the amount granted, you can
request the SSA to review your case. However, the appeal ...

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When Is Disability Benefit Application Denied?
an injury that leads to a long-term disability is among the most depressing
situations a person can find himself in. It could mean not being able to make a
living for a long time, which would even be more devastating if the disabled
person has a ...

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A Look into the Social Security Application Process
The Social
Security Administration (SSA) aims to give benefits to people who
have conditions that hinder them from working. Those with physical
disabilities and war injuries are among those the SSA gives benefits
to. However, certain qualifications must be ...
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