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Coaching Teams
High Performance Team Coaching: A Comprehensive System for Leaders and Coaches by Drs. Jacqueline Peters and Catherine Carr (FriesenPress, 2013), reviewed by Steve Gladis, April 2017.  Overview : Only 1 of 5 teams is high performing, in part because team co...

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Driven to Distraction
The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World by Adam
Gazzaley and Larry Rosen (MIT Press, 2016,) reviewed by Steve Gladis, Dec. 2016. 1.      Overview . A basic premise of this book:
We have an evolutionary and survivalist need to access informa...

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Great Leaders Put Others First
Overview : What makes Marines so great? Marine officers take care of their troops always. For example, they “eat last”—after the troops. Soldiers act better than most of us because they are willing to sacrifice themselves in service of the safety of others....

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Mindsight--Mind, Brain, and Relationships
Overview : I believe that the heart of this book is embodied in a
quote by Martin Luther King Jr. from the Letter
from Birmingham Jail : "We are caught in the inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a
single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one direct...

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Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges
  Overview :
To be more productive, Duhigg suggests paying attention to motivation, goal
setting, focus, and decision making. 1. Motivation :   Make a simple choice early on that allows you
to take the first step, and connect your choice to things you care ...

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Presence: Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges
Overview : Whether
it’s Wonder Woman or Superman—transforming from everyday folks into superheroes—those superheroes can serve as basic examples to help us all become
our best, or what I call our “super-selves.” Harvard social scientist and
professor Amy Cu...

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Smile. Breathe. Listen.
As a busy executive, you might think you don’t even have the hour it takes to Smile. Breathe. Listen: The 3 Mindful Acts for Leaders . Here are some highlights that might just encourage you to read the entire book or at least recommend it to your team. read...

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Commitments All Teams Should Make to Themselves
If I were a CEO, I’d ask all my executives to read this book  and then discuss one commitment at every staff mFeeting. Then, I would ask them to hold each other accountable for all of them. Consequently, I believe my “company” would likely prosper! A book a...

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Leadership: New on the Job? Go Slow to Go Fast.
As a leader on-boarding into a new company, the first pep
talk by the CEO or your boss is most often   Claudio Fernandez-Araoz , global expert on hiring at executive search firm   Egon Zehnder , has said that a
job interview is a conversation between two li...

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Your Web Browser Might Just Reveal How Creative You Are!
Overview : My personal
bias—I love the work that Adam Grant does. So, read no further if that Originals , Grant teaches us how to develop new ideas and how to vet
them; how to pitch those ideas to others; when to trust our gut and when not
to; the differenc...
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