I'm looking to run a Wraith: the Oblivion game using FATE Core rules. I'm delving in, customizing options, but admittedly I haven't played or run FATE before. While I work on sitting in on a session or two, I thought I'd turn to the community to help flesh out some of the mechanics.

One of the abilities a shadow has in its arsenal is Shadow Dice. The shadow (controlled by another player) can offer the PC extra dice on a roll as a sort of Devil's Bargain. Pass or fail, if any of the d10s come up as ones, then the shadow accumulates Angst (fuel for powers). Here's my thought for Shadow Dice for FATE:

Shadows could offer an invoke at a cost. To keep it different from invoking aspects, the PC wouldn't pay a fate point, but for repercussions, the shadow gains a fate point from the pool which it could later use to fuel its powers or use to compel the PC.

Also the PC/Shadow should have an Angst rating, to measure the power of the shadow. In WtO, if your Angst got too high, then you eventually succumbed and became a spectre. I want to keep this concept in the game, but I'm not sure how to model it, either as a numerical rating or something with Consequences. I've thought about having angst increment up if you accept the 'free' invoke, but I have to walk that line where it's appealing, but the deal has teeth.

Are there any pitfalls in this approach?  Or any good rules mods that I can pilfer?
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