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Davide Coppola
all we need is pixels and beer
all we need is pixels and beer

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If you are a C/C++ developer or you work for a tech company looking for talented people check out and follow Cpp Jobs on Google+.

Feel free to share this post/link with anyone you know that might be interested.

I am looking for C++ developers and tech companies which use C++ .

I need to get in touch with more C++ devs and to build a database of companies for a new project.

Let me know If you know any.

#cpp #cplusplus

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I released the first version of cpu-stat: a Linux command line program for CPU usage statistics.

Source code is open source and available on GitHub.

#linux #linuxdev #opensource #github #sysadmin

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My article "How to contribute to an open source project on GitHub" got featured on the latest issue of Hacker Bits

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Next week I will be launching a website called C++ JOBS, an online job board dedicated to C/C++ developers and tech companies.

You can already follow C++ JOBS on Google+ or subscribe to the newsletter to get notified when the website is live:

Don't forget to tag your coder friends who are looking for a new job ;)

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A C++ program to get CPU usage from command line in Linux

#cpp #cplusplus #linux #programming #tutorial

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Android version distribution history visualization: 2012-2016

#android #dataviz #stats #androiddev

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How to set up a git repository locally and on a remote server

#git #tutorial #guide #dev #programming

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Qt Network and JSON example: a simple Hacker News reader

A tutorial explaining how to use Qt Network and JSON to create a simple Hacker News reader based on the Hacker News API.

Full project and source code are provided.

#qt #hackernews #development #programming #tutorial #example

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