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A motion-less actuator does not confirm a hydraulic system is energy-less
Question:  I have a fleet of refuse trucks. The trash compactors are powered by a hydraulic system. My mechanics have to get inside the compactors to perform cleanup, maintenance and repair work. They also have to perform service and repair work on the vehi...

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Stimson accident is just another example of how out of touch State and Federal Safety agencies are when it comes matters related to hydraulic safety
My blog is about an accident that occurred at a lumber mill in Oregon. I suggest you read the newspaper article below before reading my blog. The regrettable accident at the Stimson Lumber Mill, is another example of just how out of touch State and Federal ...

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UNTRAINED worker almost kills himself and others when he made a terrible mistake while attempting to disassemble a large hydraulic cylinder by trial-and error
The UNTRAINED worker was given a cylinder to disassemble. After all, it’s only a cylinder surely there is no need for training. Moreover, he had done the job a few times before. The cylinder had been dropped off for repair because it apparently showed sympt...
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