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The Douglas Gathering e-Booking Office is now open for business: 

No print function in new Google maps!  Good grief!

Cannot believe that Google Maps new version cannot handle multiple destinations!

Google's Clipular looks like a great resource - but why does it ned access to all my browsing history and to be able to access my data on all websites?
I now want to cancel my membership, bit there seems no way to do that. 

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Fascinating list maintenance exercise using Mailchimp

Hurrah!  After 20 hours, have passed the 10% mark uploading music to Google Play. Should get finished this month?

When, and why did Google make YouTube the primary source of videos? It is now hard to find videos other than those on YouTube, which does not make Google the search engine of choice when seeking filmed material.

Today is World Whisky Day - have a dram for me.
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