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This is a story all about how...
This is a story all about how...

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How striking that, amid the cacophony of fixed opinions and
opposing interests that grows everywhere more fierce, you are focused on drawing people together
to build communities that are havens of unity. Far from disheartening you, let the world’s
prejudices and hostilities be reminders of how urgently souls all around you need the healing balm
that you alone can present to them.

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I love to see the data
Flowing, bit by byte
And when there is no seeder
I know it isn’t right.
I want to share my data
Every single way
So that my fellow Kopimists
May seed another day.

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Amazing underwater life
Beauty of the nature ....
Beauty of the sea ....

#Amazing #Nature #sea
#Dance #Shakira #music 
#Music #Shakira #Dance

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Táhirih, The Pure One , قرة العین  is often used in Persia as an example of female emancipation and feminism. Persian scholar Azar Nafisi said on PBS's NewsHour on October 10, 2003: "The first woman to unveil and to question both political and religious orthodoxy was a woman named Tahireh who lived in early 1800s... And we carry this tradition."
“You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women."
 ~ Tahirih, The Pure One , These are her last words  before they martyred her
The Morn of Guidance
( Poem of Tahirih, The Pure One )

"Truly, the Morn of Guidance commands the breeze to begin
All the world has been illuminated; every horizon; every people
No more sits the Shaykh in the seat of hypocrisy
No more becomes the mosque a shop dispensing holiness
The tie of the turban will be cut at its source
No Shaykh will remain, neither glitter nor secrecy
The world will be free from superstitions and vain imaginings
The people free from deception and temptation
Tyranny is destined for the arm of justice
Ignorance will be defeated by perception
The carpet of justice will be outspread everywhere
And the seeds of friendship and unity will be spread throughout
The false commands eradicated from the earth
The principle of opposition changed to that of unity."

دیگر ننشیند شیخ بر مسند تزویر
دیگر نشود مسجد دكان تقدّس
ببریده شود رشته تحت الحنك از دم
نه شیخ بجا ماند نه زرق و تدّلس
آزاد شود دهر ز اوهام و خرافات
آسوده شود خلق ز تخییل و توّسوس
محكوم شود ظلم ببازوی مساوات
معدوم شود جهل ز نیروی تفرّس
گسترده شود در همه جا فرش عدالت
افشانده شود در همه جا تخم توّنس
مرفوع شود حکم خلاف از همه عالم
تبدیل شود اصل تباین به تجانس

قرة العین:The Morn of Guidance (Poem of Tahirih)

saluton ĉiuj, mi estas nova membro de grupo :)

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My team at Househappy has been hard at work for the last few months on a major revamp to our site, and we're almost ready to launch! We're asking some friends and family to check it out and pass along feedback before we make the big public push - I really respect your opinions, so I'm hoping you'll be willing to take a look. 

You can find us at - please explore the site a bit, make an account, try out some searches, and let me know what you think! And if you know anyone who's looking to buy or sell a house, it would be great if you could let them know about us, and encourage them to use one of our Trusted Agents, lenders, or title companies. As a start-up, any support we get makes a big difference!

Oh, also - if you know of anyone who might be interested in advertising in our marketplace, send me their info and I'll have someone here get in touch.

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T-Mobile vs Comcast. I wish hotspot data on T-Mobile was cheaper. I'd switch in a heartbeat

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