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Photos from Michelle's baby shower!
Baby Shower
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"Horstemeyer also named Daniel Nazer, the EFF lawyer who wrote the post, as a defendant."  That warranted a double-take, +Daniel Nazar 

I often cite Disney as an exemplar in discussions about wanting more high-end My Little Pony merchandise for adults. But clearly no one is perfect; I was pretty disappointed with some aspects of the merch selection at Walt Disney World.

I'm as big a fan of Frozen as anyone, so I had an eye out for nice t-shirts, sleep pants, or the like, but what I ended up with was art and a coffee mug. Because I saw exactly zero Frozen-themed men's clothing. At which point I became interested enough to look more widely, and noticed that there was almost no men's clothes with any female characters. For example, at Mouse Gear - the largest shop in Epcot - exactly 3 of their dozens of men's t-shirts featured a female character (Minnie and 2 villains) and it was no better at the other park shops. Note that there's no similar shortage of male characters on women's clothing. It seems Disney's merchandising arm has some catching up to do with the progressiveness Disney pictures has been exhibiting with movies like Frozen and Maleficent.

They're still decent at making high-quality merch for adults, in spite of my sad inability to find Frozen bed sheets in king size. (That Hot Topic has them in full had me hoping, but none of the park shops carried sheets.) The art we got is an amazing signed and numbered canvas print by Brittney Lee, and we're eyeing an impressive Elsa sculpture also available on Disney Store's website. But the extreme gender dichotomy is a disappointment, and an area where Hasbro and their licensees seem light years ahead.

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Our Geek Chic table arrived today!  It's super-cool!

Not pictured: 1" grid printed acetate layer, which is back-ordered, that makes the acrylic even better for drawing dungeon maps. And accessories that affix to the sides; we have 2 cup holders, 2 wine glass holders, and 2 lined bins suitable for dice, cards, etc.
Geek Chic
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Went on a work trip to London last week.  It was unfortunately way too short to do any real sightseeing, but they put everyone on a boat cruise up and down the Thames one evening, so I got some photos there.

I haven't been on a real vacation to London in nearly 20 years, and I'd love to go back, but when Michelle can join me, of course.
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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were awesome in Waiting for Godot. Surprised?

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I was asked to write a guest post on the new Research Is Magic blog. Go check it out!
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