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Check out these free classes offered by Stanford University!
Great news: more free online courses coming next year from Stanford University. Some of us have already benefited from the currently running Machine Learning, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, or Intro to Databases classes. Here are the new classes open for enrollment beginning in January/February 2012:

Computer Science 101:
Software Engineering for SaaS:
Human Computer Interfaces:
Natural Language Processing:
Game Theory:
Probabilistic Graphical Models:


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I'm the proud parent of a kid just like this. I'm always blown away with what he comes up with!

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Love it!
A really interesting video, with a great message. Life is about intention, creativity, passion and community.

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Wow, amazing optical illusion!

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Very Moving!
#7billion #earth

Life in a Day of the 7 billion

On 24th July 2010, Ridley Scott along with Youtube asked people from around the world to record moments from their life on that day. All the videos that were received were used to make a 90 minute film produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald.

Today we've reached 7 billion people.. that's a massive number. 7 billion people with each one of them unique in their own way. This film offers a much needed insight into how diverse we all are even on one particular day.

Set aside 90 minutes and watch the beauty of human life.

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#lol #mindblown

English is a Crazy Language

I love this play at words to show how English is. I mean in what other language do people RECITE at a PLAY and PLAY at a RECITAL?

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