How do you color your comic/drawing/illustration?

I think here is the perfect place to ask this question - since of all the creative people who are gathered here.

I want to ask a question about my color process. The last two years I've been trying to optimize the way I color my comic ( - but I'm now at a point where the coloring takes too much time compared to the rest of the creation process. I think maybe even 40/50% of the time.

So how do I do it now?

I've created a PSD-template where I put my linedrawing in. Put every panel on a different layer, so I can mask them and put some tweaks here or there. After that I add the text (just write it on a seperate layer). That's all fine.
But for the coloring I'm now using different layers, for every color a different one.I even created about 15-20 default layers with some most-used-colors (as a Color Overlay effect, so I can just draw with 'black' in that layer and I don't have to switch to the right color first).

Those seperate layers help, but it still takes me way too much time to actually color everything with a brush. I tried the lasso selection tool, but I still needed to tweak everything with the brush afterwards.

I also tried a couple of plugins, one Tony Piro (of Calamities of Nature) used, which fills every solid shape with a color, so you only have to select with the Magic Wand and replace it with the right color. But since my drawings are pretty 'open' ... my lines not always form a solid, closed shape... so that method didn't quiet worked out either.

So I can use some help. How do you color efficiently your comic, drawing or illustration? I could even send you a sample panel, so you can check if your method also works on my comic.

Really hope someone can help me out here. Really love the colors for the comic, but it takes (almost) too much time to add them.
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