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Some interesting things to have in mind, especially this part:

"Russia and China already have established systems to do global trade bypassing the US dollar. What Washington did to Iran — cutting their banks off SWIFT – is now unthinkable against Russia and China.

So we're already on our way, slowly but surely, towards a BRICS "gold marketplace." A "new financial architecture" is being built. That will imply the eventual inability of the US Fed to export inflation to other nations – especially those included in BRICS, EEU and SCO."

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I read it differently: Russia is not a threat to USA as such, it's a threat to US dominance on the international scene, and to the US imperialist hegemony.
If we read it like that, then yes, Russia indeed is the only country that could realistically displace America from its current international role. However, I don't think it's realistic, because America won't go away without using nuclear weapons against every possible contender.

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And who's going to pay for the modernization of their nuclear forces? Oh, let me guess, they will try to pressure someone into concessions. And that's going to work because reasons. Also, they will build the wall, they will rebuild infrastructure, they will strengthen the military and they will colonize Mars. What the fuck are those people smoking? They are out of money, permanently. They are so deep in debt they will never get out. They are outcompeted for manufacturing jobs because of the taxes, because of the syndicates dictating unrealistic prices of labor and too much red tape. They printed trillions of dollars without backing, and that's after a large portion of their currency lost the backing in form of real-estate collateral, basically inflating the monetary mass, and artificially kept the international exchange rate static because the dollar is attached to oil (everybody has to buy that shit for real assets in order to buy oil, basically having to buy worthless overpriced paper for their euros and renminbis). This means they pumped the assets from the rest of the world into their failing economy to keep it on life support, at the price of increasing international pressures to the point of nuclear war. There is no realistic plan that would actually revive their economy, which is expected because there's no healthy tissue, the whole thing is working because huge amounts of printed money are invested into fake technological companies via venture capital funds and stock investments, in order to artificially inflate the GDP as backing for the dollar. It's all trickery. All they can do is pretend they have a plan for recovery, and then start a nuclear war which will cover the tracks and provide an excuse why everything is fucked up. Main goal: keep the dream of America alive. Don't allow it to become obvious that their system of economy and government is inherently flawed and that it collapsed because of intrinsic deficiencies. No, it was all great but then the bombs came. But we will rebuild, we will make it as great as it once was.
So yeah.

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How the Americans cooked up this mess by treating the leader of North Korea with condescension and ridicule, forcing the entire nation into a face-saving stance, and why their elephant in a china shop attitude is unlikely to improve the situation.

I lived in Yugoslavia during Tito's rule, and if someone wanted to make the entire populace hostile to him, all it took was to treat Tito with ridicule and condescension, and the entire country would feel honor-bound to die defending his honor to the last man. That's how DPRK functions, and Americans just aren't capable of an attitude that would result in normal relationships with such a country. The Kim family is to DPRK what Mikado is to Japan. You don't insult the Emperor unless you want war with Japan, because the Emperor is the symbol and a personification of the country. That's how the Asian countries function, and if you don't understand that, get out of politics.

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If I had to assess the threat level of Islam vs. North Korea, on the scale from 1 to 10, North Korea is 3, and Islam is 8 to 9. 10 would be a black hole traversing the solar system.
So why the fuck would anyone take North Korea seriously? The way to deal with them is to ease the sanctions, let them live and trade with normal countries, and they will go the way of China, which wasn't all that great a few decades ago either. If you cut them off with sanctions, what options are left to them other than war? They sure are losing the peace.

As you can see, I'm not writing much about politics because so far the events are following my high-probability estimates, which I wrote down earlier. There have been no unexpected or surprising events of any kind.

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I hate to see Alex bend over backwards trying to find some explanation that would not lead to the obvious conclusion: that Trump is surrounded by the same people who pulled Hillary's strings, and he has no choice but to do their bidding. The media owners successfully indoctrinated the gullible population against Russia, they are successfully selling all kinds of lies, they successfully sold the narrative that Trumps non-hostility towards Russia somehow means treason and working for the "enemy", and now the nuclear war is inevitable. This is no 4d chess, it's not a political master-stroke, it's an act of Trump's total and unconditional surrender and the sign that democracy doesn't exist in America. Trump failed in his attempt to calm things down and the war with Russia and China is back on track, with only a few months of delay compared to what would happen if you elected Darth Hitlery. Because she's not a player, and Trump is not a player. The guys who own CNN, Google, Microsoft and Apple are the players. They own America and they choose what it does, and right now they know America is economically hopelessly ruined, there will be no recovery because the debt is unpayable, and rather than going through a humiliating post-Soviet-like degradation and bankruptcy, during which other powers will emerge and take world leadership, they decided to burn everything down in hope that America will emerge on top, like in the first two world wars. That's what's going on.

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Original Star Wars philosophy: spiritual darkness and light exist as distinct and separate entities and one must choose between them.
Disney Star Wars philosophy: spiritual darkness and light are relative, and making a distinction and choosing between them is actually bad, so relativism is the absolute moral good, and choice for the light is actually evil.

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Today's walk.

I just learned that one of my older son's teachers at school believes that the Earth is flat, and that people never went to the Moon. For real.

Fortunately, I kept telling him not to take those teachers seriously anyways because most of them have shit for brains, otherwise I'd have a serious problem trying to explain this. Imagine if I told him that they are experts who should be taken seriously and whose authority there is absolute, which is how they, of course, want to be treated. Basically, what I did tell him is to tell those idiots whatever it is they want to hear in order to get top grades, and if he wants to know what's actually true, he should ask me, and then verify using encyclopedia and at least one other authoritative source, presumably one closest to the actual measured data.

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