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Pokémon Go Gamer Gets Hunted Down by Angry Pokémon That Broke Free From His Phone
Los Angeles filmmaker Joe Murayama of PixelStormFilms has created a special effects-filled video that follows a Pokémon Go gamer who is viciously hunted down by a couple of angry Pokémon that broke…
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As foreseen. But might also be because players are on holidays with limited data envelopes orno external batteries 
Engagement, downloads, and time spent in the app are fading fast.
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Dags and shedding go hand in hand...
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Off to the Arctic… (and some OTHER exciting news!!!!!)

The time has come. I am officially leaving on an expedition to the Arctic with an incredible group of artists, scientists, film-makers and writers including the astronaut Commander Hadfield (yes, the astronaut responsible for the cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity on the International Space Station)!

I will be aboard a Soviet-era icebreaker traveling for 3 weeks along the Northwest Passage from Western Greenland up into the Canadian High Arctic.

(full info:

The goal: to create art. Nothing less, nothing more.

And that brings me to some other very exciting news!

I signed my book deal contract for my 2nd book this week. It comes out at the end of 2017 and it will be a book of my New York City snow photography!

Great timing! :)

Photographing New York City in extreme snowstorms has been my passion project for the last 6 years.

The isolation of it all is something I am fascinated by, in fearful reverence of, and what makes me walk up to 8 miles at a time in blizzards with my cameras becoming one with my breath and mortality.

This Arctic expedition will be completely different. We will be enveloped by the midnight sun traveling through ice towards the story-filled landscapes of Greenland and Canadian’s High Arctic.

And yet, it feels like something I can’t wait to feel fully: a different kind of isolation of thought, and light, as life quivers along shores like a woodwind instrument lilting over a distant refrain.

I can’t wait to share it with you…

once I am back in mid-September.

Much love, V


*(this is the longest I will ever have gone without posting. While I was cut-off in Cuba for 10 days, I still had marginal brushes with the world. I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow adventurers and experiencing this expedition fully with no typical distractions).
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Adorable On-Point Illustrations That Express the Value of Sleep to Those Who Aren’t Morning People
Landysh, in-house artist for the language learning company Lingvistov has created a wonderful series of adorable on-point illustrations that express the value of sleep to those of us who would much…
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(7 years ago)
He was a weird cat. Miss that little monster.
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He looks like he's laughing
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There is bulgogi in there somewhere
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