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Dormant black hole wakes up to devour passing star at theoretically impossible speed
A dormant supermassive black hole woke up and devoured a star that had wandered too close, astronomers have discovered. About 90 per cent of the black holes in the universe are not actively consuming matter on a significant scale, but if something like a star gets too close the results are spectacular. An artist’s rendering of the encounter shows the star drifting through space, then being pulled apart by the black hole, creating a disk of materi...
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That seems to be a popular opinion. I just do my thing. 
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One year ago we went to Portland for Ingress. These are from the return trip. So many laughs! 
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So many good memories from this road trip

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Its gonna take a whole lot more than a Snickers.
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Wow. Just wow!
Back from a fun week through the canyons of Zion National Park. The Upper Left Fork ("Das Boot") is full of obstacles such as chilly pools and logjams. By keeping eyes fixed on them, it would have been easy to miss looking upwards to see this amazingly lighted wall. So many new images I wish I could have included in ...
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High School Senior Puts a Hilarious Quote Underneath His Picture In the School Yearbook
Redditor yuiojmncbf posted a photo of his friend Segun Akigbogun along with the hilarious senior quote that he put in his yearbook, referring to himself in the funniest of ways. I’m that Nige…
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