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TODAY at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, I'm hosting a two hour special on KABC radio in Los Angeles. We have some spectacular guests including Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John -- plus surprises galore. I can't even share right now (But I promise, those who listen WILL be impressed). Tune in!

Go to and click on "listen live" at 2:00 PST 4:00 CST 5:00 EST
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Enjoying your radio show Jay! I always enjoy listening to your wisdom, insights and advice.
Darn... I missed it. Is this available via podcast?
+John Simpson we will be posting a recording (either of the live event or of the interviews) Thank you for tuning in!
+Chris Lang +John Simpson +Jay Abraham I have recorded it on my ipad through an app called tunein radio. I just need to get it off the ipad. I also recorded it on my Android phone...and even though both half of show plays through the app...when I attempt yo play it outside of the app...only the 2nd half plays. Any way I have another program which I can use to record the program. I will do this within 24 hours
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