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Episode 3 of The Ultimate Entrepreneur radio show is now posted at

I do this show so people will benefit.  So, if you really enjoy, and are greatly benefited by the show, don’t just feel free to alert friends and colleagues… PROACT and definitely alert friends and colleagues!

We’ll see you next week with more great guest-interviews, and callers posing their toughest REAL-LIFE business questions… and me answering them!

Also - be sure to “Like” my Facebook page, “Share” this episode (and previous episodes) on your own Facebook/Google +/LinkedIn/Twitter page, and actually “Tag” all your friends, family and colleagues that you want to listen to the show!  



Part 1.  Jay interviews Ramit Sethi - New York Times Best-Selling author, Lifestyle Blogger for Millenial’s, and  one of Forbes Top 20 "Wealth Wizards" list 2013
“Jay took my business model, totally deconstructed it, and helped me reengineer it from the ground up. This resulted in me doubling my business in one year!” -Ramit Sethi
Here’s what we learn:

- How young Entrepreneurs need to learn to integrate all their many interests and career pursuits, into one goal and get focused.
- What Gen X, Y, and Millennial’s values more than anything else is the flexibility to quit their job someday, travel the world, and earn passive income on the side.  In contrast to older generations, who valued their job security long term.
- The power of acquiring freelance skills to identify your own market and serving real needs.
- Control your career by focusing on listening to your client’s deepest needs, and you don’t need to be an expert to get started.
- Passion is not enough, get skills first.
- Reaching out to people you look up to, and finding the influencers who can help you in your career.

Part 2.  Murray from San Francisco asks Jay how he can get more subscribers for his online magazine that teaches “mobile movie making” on smartphones/tablets… and Jay gives him 3 strategies.

Part 3.  Jay interviews Harvey Mackay - Legendary Entrepreneur & NY Times Best Selling Author
“Jay is America’s #1 Marketing Wizard!” -Harvey Mackay

Here’s what we learn:

- Harvey explains his definition of “The Ultimate Entrepreneur.”
- His take on Entrepreneurs raising money and when to get started.
- Why everyone really is a “salesperson.”
- The importance of Networking, Masterminding, and Mentorship (from any age group).
- Making a difference in other people’s lives, and taking and reviewing notes everywhere you go.

Enjoy the show, and remember to share!

Do you understand convergent and divergent thinking? If not, you’re missing out on GREAT performance opportunities. I want you to understand that there is a far more productive path for development, a path that unleashes our ability to think with independence and acuity, and to become creative, DIVERGENT thinkers.

Most people can’t achieve their GREATNESS because they don’t have an idea or a picture in their mind’s eye of what greatness looks like… as an employee, a leader, a parent, a friend, etc. There’s a lot of ways to get there, but the FIRST is to look OUTSIDE yourself at people you really admire, to see who is operating in a rarefied strata. Once you have a real context of understanding, you will start to feel different and better! I have added 5 new FREE gifts for you to kick start your New Years transformation here: We made it with NO opt-in, and it sells nothing whatsoever, so you and whoever you share it with can benefit outrageously in 2013!

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Today at 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST), I'm boldly traveling where I've never "adventured" before. It's my first-ever, video-streaming seminar being done for Rich Schefren. Three days-long. Focused on what REALLY makes me - and Rich, separately, "tick." I'd love you to watch the first, two hours-gratis. Share the glory (or gory) results with me as my guest.

You are welcome to participate on the full seminar via video-streaming; but I'm mainly writing to invite YOU to watch a first for me - a world premiere, of sorts - live on your computer screen today. Here's how you can watch the extravaganza - first two hours - on me: Click on the following link today at 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST).

Joint Ventures allow you to stay focused on your own core business while expanding, exploiting and harnessing your joint venture. Entrepreneurism is about leveraging combined efforts. It's about helping other people get what they want so that they will give and get you everything that you want.  - Jay Abraham 

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Another Great Friend Just Died. Good Bye, Chet Holmes

My heart is heavy. My soul is saddened, today. Another dear friend died Sunday. Chet Holmes, my former partner and a remarkable, masterful sales and marketing mind. He was also one of the most razor-focused, unstoppable forces of nature I've ever met.

Together, for many years, we collaborated on seminars and client engagements a-plenty. PEQ, PEQ2, PEQ Cubed, the Strategy Setting Super Summit, Wealth Tracks...We had a very long and satisfying run and he was one of the most hands-on, hardest working, greatest contributing partners a marketing expert could ask for.

He was also a formidable contemporary with a steel-trap mind. Also - he brought perspective, paradigms, skill sets and disciplined thinking to the forefront.

I'll always remember his vision for building-out a huge organization with hundreds of salesmen and services. I aspired to a big organization, but didn't really see his vision. Fast-forward five years and Chet employed hundreds of people nationwide. He had 15 divisions. He had coaching, research, consulting. I admired his ability to build an organization. Then, he partnered with my other dear friend, Tony Robbins, and their new business exploded.

The integration of their two methodologies and technologies was quite impressive to see. Chet was a monster at "testing," which I obviously respected and admired. He was also a quality human being. He had great charisma. He had strong ethos. He was a great partner - someone who always did more than his fair share. He never let anyone he dealt with down.

I had dinner with Chet and his wife, Vicky, two months ago. My wife and I were laughing and encouraged about Chet and his future.

Boy, is life unpredictable. Anyhow, please know that his book, "The Ultimate Sales Machine" is a highly worthwhile read. The man added enormous value to the business world. He was also a wonderful father and loving husband and fanatically loyal friend.

I will miss his intensity and creativity. I will miss his drive and determination. He added value, and expanded on businesses' possibilities -- bottom line.

Chet did a powerful segment for a program we conducted together called PEQ.

I think you'll be impressed by reading this excerpt:

I'll miss you, good friend.


Jay Abraham

Tell people what specific action to take. Few businesses realize that they must lead the customer to action. People need to be explicitly told how to act to obtain your product or service. Therefore - and this is incredibly important -every sales call, letter, commercial or personal contact should make the case for your product. Give the prospect a brief education, then take him by the hand, figuratively, and tell him what specific action to take next. 

People are silently begging to be led. They are crying out to know more about a business' product or service. When you educate your customers, you'll see your profits soar. - Jay Abraham

If you need some help in identifying your own particular
“USP”, try this little exercise: On a sheet of paper, write down this sentence: “Most businesses in my industry do___________. But what we do is _____________.”  As the blank spaces suggest, I want you to write in whatever it is that sets you apart from others in your same line or field of practice – what YOU do that they don’t or can’t do. That’s your Unique Selling Proposition. - Jay Abraham

[Sales Tip]  The easiest way to make customers an offer they absolutely can’t resist is to guarantee them a result they absolutely want. Try “future pacing.” - That’s the process that takes people forward to experience what their life will be like once they have your product or service in hand. - Jay Abraham
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