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Ron Au
Journalician Technologer Designist
Journalician Technologer Designist

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"Porygon is capable of reverting itself entirely back to program data and entering cyberspace. This Pokémon is copy protected so it cannot be duplicated by copying."

Say that to my PC back in Silver! 😂

Rest in peace, Flash on mobile :( I thought you were going places on Android!

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript- the mobile torch/baton is now officially yours to carry.

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My church is on Google+ ! +1 for forward thinking and social media :)

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Anyone want a PC under $1500 built for free? I haven't had the opportunity to put together a computer from scratch for such a long time, so I'll do one for free. I choose the parts, build it and you get a computer that runs better than what you'd buy in store!

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It's just 5% of the people on Twitter creating THREE QUARTERS of all posts/tweets!

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My favourites are
1. You're there to give, not to get
3. Have sincere conversations

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How big is Angry Birds? How addicted are people? How sad are these people? Find out graphically!

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Great. When I take wedding photos now, not only do I have to worry about weather and lighting, I have to make sure I get good lack-of-zombie values too.

Hello world! I am Ron and it isn't nice not to meet you.
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