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Cogito ergo sum ateo
Cogito ergo sum ateo

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The actions and projected personality of Mr. Trump are terrifying.
I am referring to:
-The installation of young right wing bloggers to CEO VOA.
- The muzzling of Federal Science and freezing of grants, and one off review by political appointees.
- The repetition of the continuous statements regarding his own greatness.
- The preference for ‘fake news’ and extreme right wing journalists in press briefings.
- The maligning of revered journalistic institutions.
- The use of unsecured email servers.
- The use of unsecured smartphones.
- The loose lips statements about taking oil from nation states.
- The affinity for torture and black sites.
- Cabinet choices that reflect a total disregard for education, banking regulation, environmental safety and human decency.
- Repeated outbursts about repeatedly disproven voter fraud.
- Absolute lack of transparency into Mr. Trump's business interests and refusal to divest.
The above, incomplete list, should terrify you. If you care about democracy, decency, humanity, and the air and water you children consume you should be vigorously pushing back against Trump's cult of personality.
I do not care which party you align with or which god you pray to BUT in your place as a parent, a human, a person sworn to protect our republic you should be horrified by Mr. Trump and his personality.
Defend our great nation against fascists. Do not let yours be the watch under which we resurrect, Mussolini & Hitler; the command under which we get a "Dear Leader" which must be adored.

Save our republic.
Warmest Regards,
Albert Lotito

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"..two political parties engage in ..same economic and foreign policies ..differentiation only in ..identity politics? What ..mass psychology and propaganda ..made this reality invisible to so many for so long?.."

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Looks like a frog. Yup. Certainly does

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A real question to all of you supporting trump:

We have 30 years of Bill and Hillary's taxes, many years of the financials for the Clinton foundation AND many, many years of her health records.
Why not demand the same from trump?

Really. I am trying to understand why it is okay for him to keep these secrets but not her.

Please no bashing just a coherent response with no Illuminati or new world order BS.
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