Itras By: The Menagerie is out, a collection of supplements for the surreal roleplaying game. Info on the publisher's webpage:

You have a little idea, like a little seed. Plant it by words, water it by deed. And it grows, y'know. Like a... I don't know. A weird plant. Suddenly the little idea is a multinational project with over forty participants, all with seeds, ideas of their own.

I'm proud and grateful for the opportunity to work with these friendly, amazing, sincere creators since January 2016.

The Menagerie is first and foremost supplements for Itras By, but I know anyone with an interest in improv-fueled roleplaying, freeform, immersion, experimental games will find something of use. Itras By shares a lot of game DNA with Archipelago III, for instance.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by +Emily Care Boss, illustrations by David Cochard
Hacking the Menagerie by moi

Part One: Diorama:
Imperia Manila by +Tobie Abad, illustrations by +Trond Ivar Hansen
Capybaras with Hats by +Helen Keeney, illustrations by +Clarissa Baut Stetson
The Hyacinth in the Bureaucracy by +Matthijs Holter & +Jackson Tegu, illustrations by +Jeremy Duncan
The Darkness does not Consent to be Subdued by +Sabe Jones, illustrations by +Thomas Novosel
Over the Fringe by +Terje Nordin, illustrations by +Tor Gustad Molt
Broadcast by +Philipp Neitzel, illustration by +Gino Moretto
Lunacy by +Caitlynn Belle, illustrations by Thomas Novosel

Part Two: Laboratory
Costuming Itras By by +Kat Jones, photos by +Cecilie Bannow
Running an Itras By One-Shot by +Keith Stetson, illustrations by Clarissa Baut
A Cartography of the Surreal by +Steve Hickey
Saying No by moi with illustrations by +Anders Nygaard
Itras By without Itras By by +Jason Morningstar
Sharing Room and Giving Space by +Becky Annison & +Joshua Fox

Part Three: Dream Resume
A Method to Producing Ideas by Keith Stetson and Clarissa Baut
Character Seeds by +Willow Palecek
What’s in a Name by several
A Collection of Curious Characters by +Niels Ladefoged

Part Four:  Hall of Mirrors
Grimasques by +Banana Chan
Surrealism Now +m foczka, illustrations by +xin li
Neighborhood by +Aleksandra Sontowska
The Scientific Order of Itra-Troll by +Abstract Machine, illustrations by Judith Clute
The Shadow Carnival by +Evan Torner, illustrations by +Henrik Maegaard
Edgar by +Oliver Vulliamy, translated by +Sanne Stijve. Illustrations D. Cochard

Part Five: Post Scriptum
When Life Does Not Make Sense by +Martin Bull Gudmundsen
Outsiders by Martin and I
The Dream Team by me


Also featuring: New characters sheets by +Karina Graj, editing assistance from +Josh T Jordan, +Mo Holkar, +Lizzie Stark & Abstract.

Visual concept: Kathy Schad

Cover (below): David M. Wright

And of course: +Carsten Damm, man. Oops, we did it again, eh?

THANK YOU ALL, it was a pleasure.

Readers: hope you enjoy.
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