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i have only been on this site a few times and it's been months since then gut i stmbled on it today and wonder if anyone can help me. i had a small dull litty life and then i had a stroke which has made it yet more tiny.

i've attempted suicide for other reasons and i am very comfortable with the the thought of dieing. i have found a safe comfortable way to do it. i xm in nor hurry to die and would much pre3fer s fulfillling life.

just wondering if anyone has someone has any helpful guydance. thanks for any pos energy


This is my first posting.  The main reasn I'm here is to find a way I can help others.  I choose to offer free readings.   I could sure use some guidance from others too as I'm coming to a time for major changes,  And I sure could use a friend or two.  

I hope to share and lear.  That's what it's all about.

I just joined and I'm yearning to find a way to use my gift to help others.  Any guidance is appreciated
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