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This article is interesting though you could write a lot more on the subject. For example: you could write an encyclopedia about the treasure and tactics employed by the banking industry to leverage public opinion and politicians. Never do you hear the banks, politicians or media tell you to do the math and compare what a payday loan would cost with the cost of overdraft fees, continuous overdraft fees, and whatever other fee they can come up with. The bottom line is we charge you to use our money, banks charge you to use your money. When you get in a fix and use a bank's money through overdrafts, they charge you even more. You should have the right to go down that avenue, or to choose a different one. The ideal is to just not get into financial binds. But reality dictates sometimes we have to choose between two avenues that will require a toll. Logic should dictate we compare the costs and look for the option with the least cost. As a payday lender I see where we went wrong. It's not that we're bad for people. A hammer can be bad for a person if it's not wielded properly. Our flaw is that we're bad for banks. They don't like competition.
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We're a family owned and operated payday lender who works with our customers to provide the best service possible. All our terms are upfront and the interest rate is fair at 17% for two-weeks. Of course, as a new customer your first loan is interest free.

For approval we require a recent, official 30 day bank statement on a checking account. If you don't have a statement that has been mailed to you, a print off from the bank with a teller stamp will also be accepted. Other than that, proof of income ( a pay-stub or an award letter) your I.D. and a personal check.

Please remember to do the math. Make sure we are you're cheapest alternative to overdraft and late fee's. I'm confident you'll find us useful.
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