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DIII MTU A (223112016)

o   Storage function: an activity and effort to do the maintenance of the organization and arrangement of goods stock in the storage room.
o   Storage functions to ensure a predetermined scheduling in the previous functions with rigorous compliance and the lowest possible cost.
o   Storage activities include: Planning storage, storage organization governance, planning operation auxiliary regulator goods, security and safety measures.
Problems in handling Storage Functions:
 Handling physical administration: the number of types of classification, the   characteristics of the goods
 Elements liability items: Wealth countries and agencies that have a great value
 Administrating be followed in order to support the development of planning and determination fugnsi needs: mainly materials and spare parts
 Special Financing
 Capital planted
 Operational Costs
Factors To note the Storage Functions:
1. The choice of location
o   In order to smooth, considering the fast lane, convenient location, in preparation for the delivery of goods maturity.
2. Make sure you understand
·         Issues that are Causing delays or impeding progress
·         Why problem was not anticipated
·         If the customer will want to discuss issues with upper management
Logistics Information System Requirements :
1. The introduction of goods
2. number
3. Quality and condition
4. value
Stages of Control Functions :
1. Consequently the use of the procedure.
2. Adjust the existing conditions
3. There should be adjustments and provision of new energy.
4. Do logistics education for all parties
5. A census of goods in order to obtain data for the implementation of control.
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