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Test hangout for COMM 3307

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What a great post - so thought-provoking. This is definitely something I've been considering a lot lately. Thanks!

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This is gorgeous.
Take a city with thousands of years of history, a complacent and sometimes inept government, and a group of activists that strangely isn't hungry for attention, and you get guerrilla restoration.

I find the ingenuity, the dedication and the creativity of this group compelling.

Also, what they are doing is pure awesomesauce.

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Intrigued. I HAVE been ignoring G+. Rethinking, or at least staying open-minded.

I know a lot of my friends have SXSW panels in consideration but I know I've missed some. Do you have one I should be voting for?

Refrained from solving people's computer issues at new job in hopes of just once not being the tech-support girl. Just caved. Oops.

Morosely shopping for flats. Body has put foot down (so to speak) about wearing lovely 4" heels. Redeeming factor: Am now @zappos VIP. Oooh!
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