Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

USPS: Lawmakers are re-evaluating how to move forward this year on U.S. Postal Service reform after running out of time at the end of the last Congress. This effort will have to balance Sen. Bernie Sanders, who worked to limit the cost-cutting measures in last year’s bill, and Sen. Tom Coburn, who believes the measure never did give USPS the flexibility it needed, The Hill reported. 

Obama: More Revenue Needed: President Obama said additional revenue is needed to bring down the U.S. deficit. Rather than raising taxes, the president proposed closing loopholes that he suggested allow wealthy Americans to manipulate their tax rates. “The average person doesn't have access to Cayman Island accounts," the president said in a pre-Super Bowl interview on Sunday with CBS News. 

Reid: New Revenue Vital to Budget Deal: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Democrats will demand additional revenue as part of any deal to alter the mandatory spending cuts set to hit at the beginning of next month. The comments, made in an interview Sunday with ABC's "This Week," come as Senate Democrats weigh options for averting at least some of the March 1 cuts, known in Washington as the sequester, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

Wind Power: Apparently undaunted by the public recriminations issued by Sen. Sanders last Monday, proponents of a moratorium on mountaintop wind began taking testimony Tuesday on a bill that would halt new development for three years, the Vermont Press Bureau reported. 

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