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Stuck in the Sixth Circle of the Inferno
Stuck in the Sixth Circle of the Inferno

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I am somewhat saddened by the fact that I will have to buy a Galaxy Note 3 to get Android 4.2.2

The phone is awesome, I just feel that I have shit luck buying a phone that will be supported, or that Verizon sucks balls and has fucked me yet one more time.

The new google hangout replacement for gtalk on android phones pretty much sucks balls. Hard. The interface blows, can't see who is online anymore, it mixes google+ and other contact info all together.

Not a good move at all. 

Went to the CD release party for the new North of Grand album. Had an awesome time and bought all their albums. Hope like hell they and my friends at Brolester records succeed.

Jesus wept.

Work has blocked so much of the google+ stuff that I can't report an issue or clear the notifications through the web interface.

I grow weary of this hell hole of dragonian stupidity, and it might very well be time to find a new job.

A new, very much higher paying, job that is way closer to home.

Man, I desperately want google+ to succeed and over throw Facebook, but how can it if no one uses it? Trouble is that for some reason my phone's autocorrect doesn't work in the google+ status and I am always trying to be more serious when I post stuff here.

Time for that to change.

I find it really amusing that the new Google+ ad makes the female look like a gold bricking whore. Has a car? Ski home? Really? :D

I have about had it with Verizon's 3G connection shitting on me constantly. Best network ever and lighting fast my aching ball sack.
Granger, Iowa

It seems that Google's mishandling of contact info has continued on and on. Found out that Google suggests people for friends and supplies the contact info of those people to two and three removed people.

IE : you friend me. You send invite to guy 1, it sends my friends list to guy 1's friends as possible friends.

That is kind of intolerable.

First off. Google does a shit job of managing contacts. I have multiple contacts for various people and no way to merge or delete them from the mobile interface. I also know I have cleaned up my contacts before and yet the old one keep coming back.
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