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A Historic Day for Nigeria

A painting of Muhammadu #Buhari on display at an exhibition of #Nigeria 's past leaders, taking place in #Abuja  to coincide with his inauguration as the country's 15th head of state. 
He defeated incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan in the  general elections in March. It is the first time that a leader of the country has willingly handed over power to the opposition. 
Expectations are riding high that Buhari will bring much needed change to Nigeria and tackle a long list of problems currently inflicting the country, such as the #BokoHaram insurgency, corruption, fuel shortages, erratic electricity, high unemployment and slow economic growth.
I've been in Abuja to cover the historic event. Here's the TV piece I shot with my colleague Abdullahi Kaura Abubaker looking at what is the number one issue people want Buhari to focus on:
#Blog   #BuhariTakesOver  

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Sometimes Miracles Do Happen

My #BBC camera kit that I thought I would never see again after it "disappeared" at #Johannesburg 's main airport. 
Ten days ago I had an awful experience at #OliverTamboAirport when a bag with my BBC video camera and all the accessories, worth several thousand pounds, went missing after some unscrupulous porters put my luggage into a cab without me asking for their assistance. Needless to say I was devastated when I discovered the bag was gone and spent a frantic few hours back at the airport with the police trying to track down the culprits. 
Given the airport's poor reputation when it comes to theft, I had resigned myself to never seeing the  camera and the rest of the kit again. 
A week later the airport contacted me to say my camera bag had turned up. They had no idea who handed it in. But yesterday I picked it up and everything was still in there including the camera. 
Thank you Oliver Tambo Airport. Maybe you are not so bad after all.  
#Blog   #SouthAfrica   #Miracles

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Buhari's Hometown Celebrates

An old man joins in the celebrations in Muhammadu #Buhari's hometown of #Daura following his historic win in #Nigeria’s elections.
We got up at the crack of dawn and drove to Daura to see how this small town in Northern Nigeria was marking the momentous developments the night before, when it’s favourite son won the country’s election.
As we left our hotel, the staff were saying “happy new year” to each other and on the way there were often scenes of celebration.
About half an hour outside the town we came across a gathering of 50 people, partying and carrying a coffin with the word’s “Jonathan’s corpse” written on the side, a reference to the defeat of #GoodluckJonathan.
Once we got to the town people were partying in the street and people were spinning their motorbikes. One local man told us they had been celebrating all night. As the day wore on the celebrations grew, until the entire main road was one big party.
Here’s our report on the festivities,, reported by Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar, produced by Charlotte Attwood and shot by me. #NigeriaDecides #Blog

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Historic Victory for Buhari

People celebrating on the streets of #Kano following the news that the leader of the opposition in #Nigeria , Muhammadu #Buhari , had made history and beaten an incumbent president for the first time in the country’s history.
The results took ages to trickle out, but by 5pm local time, with still 3 states to declare their results, it was clear that he had won. And that’s when Kano came alive.
For the past few days this city has been like a ghost town as people nervously awaited the results, remembering what happened last time when Buhari lost to #GoodluckJonathan and violence broke out, claiming many lives.
But when it was clear their man had won, the city woke up. People took to the streets, tooting their horns and celebrating his victory.
Many brandished traditional brooms, the symbol of Buhari’s APC party, which promised to sweep away the corruption and incompetence of the current regime.
Here’s the report we filed on the jubilation and celebration in the streets of Kano, reported by Abdulahi Kaura Abubakar, produced by Charlotte Attwood and shot by me: #Nigeria #NigeriaDecides #Blog

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All Quiet in Kano

A man drives his motorcycle down a deserted street in the city of #Kano , Northern #Nigeria. We arrived here on Sunday to eerily quiet streets and today was much the same. This is usually a bustling place. Its the second largest city in the country and a major trading hub. But many businesses and government offices are closed as people nervously await the election results.
We were told that many Christians have also left town. It is not surprising. After the last election violence erupted, claiming over 20 lives, when Muhammadu #Buhari lost out to #GoodluckJonathan as this is a stronghold for the opposition leader. Many fear the same could happen if Buhari loses once again to Jonathan.
Here’s the piece I shot today showing the city’s abandoned streets, reported by Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar and produced by Charlotte Attwood: #blog #NigeriaDecides

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Nigeria's Election

Two girls walk past election posters in the northern Nigerian city of #Kaduna. We have been reporting from here over the last few days. Campaigning has now ended and it looks like this election will be very close. But many of those who have been displaced by #BokoHaram won't be able to vote as they would have to return to the areas they fled. See our report on their plight here: 
Tomorrow we head further north to #Daura where opposition leader Muhammadu #Bhari will be voting on Saturday. #NigeriaDecides #blog

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Mali Steps up Ebola Precautions

Our latest report from #Mali  looks at how the country is preparing for #Ebola . So far there has only been one case of a 2 year old girl who died after travelling from Guinea. 
All those who came into contact with her have been placed in quarantine, including these relatives in Bamako. They are coming to the end of their incubation period and in the next week Mali will know if the measures were enough to prevent an Ebola outbreak in the country. 
Here's our TV report on the steps the country has taken, reported by Anne Soy, produced by Charlotte Attwood and filmed by me: #blog  

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Testing an Ebola Vaccine in Mali

I'm in  #Mali 's capital Bamako to cover  #Africa 's first #Ebola vaccine trial. So far preliminary results from the trial look promising. 
The research began in the country about a month ago following safety trials in the UK and the US. The vaccine itself has been designed by scientists in the US and is being manufactured by the British drug company GlaxoSmithKline. With Ebola affecting three West African countries, the race to find a vaccine is on. Here's our TV report by Anne Soy, produced by Charlotte Attwood and shot by me: #blog  

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Mozambique Votes

Voting appears to have gone fairly smoothly in #Mozambique 's elections  with a large turnout. We spent the day at a polling station in Maputo where voters were in a good mood.
This woman shows of her finger, stained with permanent ink to prove she has voted. Counting is now underway with results expected later in the week.
Here's our TV report by Emmanuel Igunza: #blog  

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Mozambique Elections

I'm in #Mozambique for the country's elections on the 15th. The campaigning has generally been peaceful despite reports of clashes in the north between supporters of the ruling #Frelimo and opposition party #Renamo .
Over the weekend we attended a colourful rally by Frelimo's #FilipeNyusi , where this photo was taken. The rally was surprisingly small given it is the governing party. 
These are seen as the first truly democratic elections since independence, thanks to reforms in the country's electoral system. But that has introduced some uncertainty about the final result. The economy is also a big issue as unemployment is very high despite Mozambique enjoying several years of good growth. 
On top of all this, the youth vote is also interesting as the first generation born since the end of the civil war will be voting.
Here's our TV package, reported by Emmanuel Igunza and shot by me:   #blog  
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