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Your Home Is At Risk…

A phrase you will have seen and read on many a mortgage advert, but is not just mortgages that put your home at risk. What am I talking about?

When you are trying to sell your property, you want the first person that comes through the door to buy YOUR property, not the one down the road or around the corner but YOUR property! So if you are trying to sell your property, the following tips may help you achieve an offer.

The Outside

Cutting the grass and cleaning the windows (unless you are in a top floor flat!) will make the property more attractive. Tidy up the flower beds, clean the path and drive if you have one. Check the gutters, are they clean and debris free? Think what you thought when you bought the property as you approached the property. First impressions count and can make the difference between getting an offer or no interest at all.

The Inside

Try to keep your property as tidy and as clean as possible. I appreciate this can be a big ask but in theory it is only for a short time. Previously, having freshly baked bread on the go with fresh coffee percolating used to be a deal winner, but now most people are seeing through this and believe you are hiding something, like damp! The same goes for those plugin air fresheners, I’ve lost count the amount of times potential buyers love the house but are concerned about the smell masking something!

Information Needed

Selling a property is a very stressful experience, you are asked constantly for different documents which takes a lot of time. Getting the information from the outset will ease the burden and show you are a serious seller and care about your property. The type of information an agent will ask for is

• An Energy Performance Certificate
• Building regulation certificates
• Gas & Electrical certificates
• Running costs such as electric, gas, council tax, water, building & contents insurance
• Any service charges or ground rents (flats)


Put YOUR trust in YOUR agent, after all you did chose them. When there are viewings be on hand to answer any questions, but try not to get involved in trying to sell your property. If you follow the tips above it will sell itself

Mark Reynolds
Pierce & Company (Wing)
01296 20 1234
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