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Staying on top of macro-level technology trends is important so we can always give our clients the best services possible. This spring, we attended and presented at various top ERP and technology conferences. Here are our main takeaways!

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TSI covers planning for a better 2018 and other topics in our latest update.

We are happy to welcome our newest member - Senior Managing Director, Alan Goeke, to the team! #Growthmode

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A little food for thought before the weekend - here's Gartner's top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018. #FunFactFriday

"Trend No. 5: Cloud to the Edge

Edge computing describes a computing topology in which information processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources of this information."

If TSI could help your organization achieve one (or more) of the following, which would it be?

Comment below...

a) A better customer/constituent experience;
b) Peace of mind that your project and/or portfolio is being effectively managed;
c) More efficient and effective processes;
d) More functional and cost-effective software solutions, or;
e) All of the above

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T-minus 6 days until our workshop focused on Enhancing Interactions with Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni! #CX

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#CustomerExperience is happening with TSI next Wednesday in #Chicago!

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TSI's Caroline Chang, an #Advancement Strategist in #HigherEd, tells us about 5 moves that prove leaders are made, not born - Check it out!

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We at TSI find that understanding your #CustomerExperience is all about understanding customers' #personas. +Entrepreneur - spot on!

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Some of the biggest companies in the world are switching to the #cloud. How will you know if it's right for your organization, and how to properly transition? +Forbes

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The greatest #interview question of all time - it's a quick read!

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