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stephen swartz
Former interdimensional voyager now adapting said experiences as memoir under exotic pseudonym.
Former interdimensional voyager now adapting said experiences as memoir under exotic pseudonym.

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What's the deal with Father's Day?
So I'm sitting comfortably at my computer, writing my new work-in-progress (a sequel to my 2014 vampire novel), passing the 10,000 word mark, and it hits me! I should be promoting my Father's Day novel, the one titled AIKO. It's a kind of Father's Day story...

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The Deep Dark Secret Truth
Lots of people ask me why I write and how I write. Well, I can never seem to understand exactly what is going on behind the scenes but I'm glad the muses are hard at work on my behalf. I think it all began with the first sparks of a story in my childhood wh...

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The Junk Man Cometh
Have you heard that expression that one man's junk is another man's treasure? It pops up once in a while - especially when a flashdrive gets full and I need to remove files to make room for something new that is, by definition, more valuable than whatever I...

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The 5th of the 5th of the 5th!
Sure, it's a "made-up" holiday, this   May the 4th Be With You Day . It easily follows the laborious  Labor Day  otherwise known as  May Day  celebrations and is followed in short order by the equally sanctimonious  Revenge of the 5th Day  (that is, "Reveng...

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Naming Names in Epic Fiction Pt 2
In my last blogging twitch I revealed how I didn't like the name my parents gave me but gradually accepted it for tax purposes and more. I believe the consternation at my own name has influenced how carefully I name characters in my books. Especially in sto...

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Naming Names in Epic Fiction
As a kid, I never liked my name. It was too easy for other kids to deliberately
mispronounce just to tease me. So once I started writing stories, I thought up
several cool pen names to replace the name my parents had foisted
upon me. However, I gave up pseu...

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Using Bunnies in Epic Fantasy
My writing colleagues often declare a state of "writer's block" or else request help in deciding what happens next in their stories. Just as often I suggest introducing a magic bunny. And rather more than I would like, my suggestion gets a polite chuckle an...

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Plotting an Epic Fantasy With Dragons
Once upon a time there was no epic fantasy with or without dragons. Then, one day, there was! How did that happen? I'm still wondering myself. When my head clears of the sleepy cobwebs, my intellectual mind reminds me that it is a simple thing we like to ca...

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The Quest for Magical Realism
The quest is everything. Each morning to arise and seek fortune in whatever form it may be found - that is a quest, is it not? To make hay while the sun shineth! That, too, is a quest. To life life in the fullest, if you can, and if not then to strive for s...

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How to be a Master Dragonslayer
It is Spring on this side of the world, the time when a young man's thoughts of fancy turn to the scourge of dragons and how to rid the world of them.  To that end were dragonslayers born and guild houses formed. Apprentice for three years and tally three k...
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