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This is the library system that served the village I grew up in. Without the library and the resources it allowed me to access, I would not have made it into adulthood. I don't talk about this much, but the level of bullying and frustration I endured during my school years led me very close to suicide on a number of occasions. The one thing that stopped me was the library, where I could go and escape. Through the library I was exposed to ideas and knowledge that not everywhere was like where I grew up. That not everyone was like those who bullied me, and there were other people like me.

The library gave me hope. Sometimes that's what we need more than anything. When the economy is crap, when you're poor as dirt, when you're outcast and have nowhere else to go, there's library.

But not in Saskatchewan. Not anymore. Premier Wall and his ilk has decided that the single most important resource for the people isn't worth it. Because it helps those they consider lesser. The poor, the helpless, and the outcast. Because it brings communities together, providing a core from which to build relationships, and that threatens their rule. Because it means more people like me stop existing, and that furthers their goals. because, at their heart, they are just like the people who bullied me.

Don't stand for this. Write your MLA. Don't let the bullies win.

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The thirty-second issue of RPG Review has been released; Sixty-four pages of interviews, articles, and reviews of TSR-based games!

This issue includes an update on the RPG Review Cooperative, an interview with Frank Mentzer famous for the BECMI D&D series, an article from TSR's first employee, Tim Kask, a summary history of the rise and fall of TSR, reviews of Gangbusters, Basic, Expert, and Companion D&D, Alternity Player's Handbook and Gamemaster's Guide, an article on Great Beasts for AD&D 2nd edition, The Chevaleresse: An AD&D Character Class, An overview of TSR Computer RPGs, a review of the Dungeons & Dragons 3 Movie, and an update of the Cooperative's Papers & Paychecks Kickstarter.

RPG Review Issue 32 can be downloaded as a PDF here:

Or read online at in html the following URL:

Join our low-volume announce list:

Forward this to all and sundry who may be interested in RPG Review Issue 32 : TSR

Please consider contributing to our next issue, "Transhumanism".

And don't forget out Kickstarter for "Papers & Paychecks", closing December 24!

The people who handle the fibre backbone for governmental/library service in Alberta send out notices that during December they will be shortstaffed and be unable to make non-emergency change requests and similar.

They call this: Code Brown.

...I shit you not.

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Picked up the Stormclad/Reliant kit for Warmachine. It's actual HIPS instead of PVC, which is nice but... I gotta say, I'm not super impressed with the kit. For the price, I was expecting better poseability, and just better runners. The connections between part and runner/sprue are often large or in bad places, the number of parts is too high for what is essentially a monopose model, and the part fit is not as good as it should be.

It reminds me of early wargaming kits. Like the old (ooold) GW Rhino or similar. Dreamforge does better and still ships from China. Renedra/Warlord does better and their stuff is made in Britain with the costs associated. Both are cheaper. Heck, even the worst of the Mongoose kits from back in the day were better engineered. It's almost bad enough to make GW look like a good value money-wise.

This really strikes me as a "too little, too late" attempt by people who were never real modelers, because most of this should have been caught on sprue design, or finessed in computer.

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the amount of NOT HERESY is astounding 

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Any people interested in playing the new Conan RPG by Modiphius, trying out the Quickstart adventure on Thursday 3/17 at 7 pm eastern? You can download the Quickstart for free at

I have more adventures I can beyond this first one too, so if the interest is good I can turn this into a campaign!

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+Elizabeth Porter and I have been having random, hard to track down food allergy issues lately. Issues which have resulting in much time off from work, and a hell of a lot of money wasted. Today, we think we nailed down the root cause.

We were at the local Safeway (Specifically 2750 Fairway Plaza Rd, Lethbridge, AB) and Beth went to find out if they had some more of the sale steaks.... There she saw one of the workers there put seasoned pork roast into the "service" display, then move some cheese and beef burgers without changing gloves. He then proceeded to wipe his glove off on his smock and then go about starting to package the wrapped meat, again without changing gloves. Raw pork, raw ground beef, and milk cross contamination all in one fell swoop.

This is exceptionally unhygienic, and it is a MAJOR problem for those with allergies. I'm contacting Alberta Health as soon as they open on Monday. Please share and let people know not to buy meat from this location.

What is best in life?

To crush an OEM install with your VLK. To see the bloatware driven before you. To hear the lamentations of the OEM partners.
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