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Buy my iPhone 4!
It is in perfect condition, still in the refurb packaging.
It's a whopping 32GB.
It has Best Buy Black Tie Protection, which covers accidents.
And it has no contract!

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O. M. G.
It's MySpace Tom.

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Lion is now available!

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Hey y'all! The G+ iPhone app is now available! via +April Gregory

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Favorite quote: "[The Music Feed]’s a bit like Apple’s Ping, but a Ping people will actually use…".
I don't actually use Pandora at all now, but at least it looks like a better-than-ever option if I do want that type of service.

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+Christine Price This seems like something you need to investigate. I am sure there's something you could do stateside :)

If you happen to be an appreciator of the shooting sports, hunting, carrying for self defense and/or other matters related to the second amendment, let me know! I'll add you to my Shooters circle. thumbs-up

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Well, here is the first corporate profile I've seen on Google+. Showed up in my Find & Invite tab for editing your circles.

Quote of the day: If I agreed with you, we would both be wrong. ~ Phloyd Hatfield via @chefbrink

Anybody else having problems with the App Store being super slow to download apps today?
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