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Kathryn Edgar
Mother of a Teenager, Author, Zazzle'er
Mother of a Teenager, Author, Zazzle'er


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I have a HO link! Thanks to +Mike Rew for helping me out with it!
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For the Itunes portion of Annihilation code -
Tell me what book you've read that you'd love to see become a movie OR TV series
I will draw a winner randomly

I got tired of looking for some of the older Marvel codes and have to admit 9.99 was a great deal- anyone else finish up their collection with this sale?{%22minVisible%22:0}

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If you haven't seen it the Vudu Mother's Day mix & match has some series included in the sale of 2 for 9.99. Reality TV and most of it was Dance Mom but a good price for those with a reality TV guilty pleasure

This is an oldie but should work on Itunes (UV has been redeemed)
A Walk Among The Tombstones

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I should really pay attention to what my 18 year old is roping me into before I agree.
For him watching DC from Man of Steel forward (not animated) I said I'd watch the Marvel movies and shut him up. He wins.
Is this the right order to watch?

+JoeB Ac thanks for the A+ transaction! Great price, fast response time and all around great deal.

I was putting in my code for Wonder and it came up "failed to redeem as you already own on Vudu" so I looked again and sure enough there was Wonder & 1 other movie I hadn't bought that wasn't there seconds ago so I guess dad was buying it full price at same time.
Anyways....I don't know if the code is still good but someone's FREE to try it. Please let me know if you get it!


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We are debating going to see Downsizing (with Moviepass). Anyone seen it? I kinda feel like that's typically the type movie I'd wait for Vudu to see. As it looks intriguing but has the potential to fall flat. So if you've seen it how is it?

Thank you +Simply Stephanie for the great freebie drops!
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