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Richard Reisman

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(new blog post:) Re-inventing Value Exchange For Digital Offerings -- A Radically New Approach to Business Relationships

Imagine a market Nirvana for digital offerings. Think beyond traditional value exchange processes/protocols and re-envision how buyers and sellers might interact in a networked marketplace.

FairPay offers the path to that market Nirvana, and is now very practical. Here is a new overview... The buyer always pays a price he considers fair, and seller gets to sell to every buyer who set prices fairly (in the seller's judgment). The seller is also able to limit risk, in way that trades a managed level of small loses for expansion of his market to the entire population who value his offering.
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Richard Reisman

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Social TV promises to be the killer app for coactive TV (CoTV). ... "There are a number of signs that Social TV is emerging as ...a killer app ... IntoNow launched in January 2011 and was quickly acquired by Yahoo on 4/25/11, and Spot411 re-launched 7/18/11 as TVplus. Both have gotten prominent press and both do fully automatic syncing to any program, without need for any involvement by the TV distributor..."
Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Social TV -- The "Killer App" for Coactive TV -- Ready for Ubiquity. Social TV promises to be the killer app for coactive TV (CoTV). (A "killer application&quo...
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Author of FairPay | Pioneer of Digital Services | Inventor, Innovator & Futurist

President and founder of Teleshuttle, Reisman has decades of experience innovating in digital media industries. He has managed and consulted for corporations of all sizes, developed a variety of pioneering online services, and holds about 50 patents now licensed by over 200 companies to serve billions of users.

Reisman’s recent work has been on development of FairPay, a radical approach to revenue and pricing for digital media content. FairPay develops a buyer reputation based on Internet feedback, to go beyond "freemium," to an adaptive hybrid of free and paid content. FairPay responds to the failure of the invisible hand of classical economics and pricing to deal effectively with digital services, and exploits the power of computer-mediated markets to find a new and more collaborative “invisible handshake.” He is now working on a pro-bono basis with industry and academic partners on research, trials, and applications of FairPay.

Reisman’s inventions have led to fundamental patents advancing varied aspects of digital services, including Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast and Amazon X-Ray. Others relate to aggregation and analysis of Big Data from the Internet of Things, “wisdom of crowds” approaches for exploiting user ratings and usage data, and subscription distribution with automatic updating. In the early `90s, Reisman developed the original TV Guide Online in a joint venture with News Corp, and consulted for Dow Jones. Prior to that, he directed electronic distribution operations for McGraw-Hill / Standard and Poor`s, and managed strategy, planning, and operations (including pricing models) for major computer and telecom services at Mobil Corporation and AT&T, starting out as a software developer.

Reisman has spoken and written widely. He serves as a board member and Program Committee Chair Emeritus for the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC (and co-led their popular Think Tank Series: The Future of X), and was an ACM National Lecturer, a finalist for the Multi-Media Entrepreneur of 1995 award from the Silicon Alley Initiative, and a judge for the Advanced Media Emmy Awards in 2005 and 2006. 

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