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Child custody in New York
Learn how the custody arrangement that stems either from a divorce or another situation has a direct impact on how courts may determine child support. In New York, the laws are designed to serve the best interests of the child. Read about the factors that determine custody as well as how support and custody orders may be changed.

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Parenting plans benefit parallel and cooperative parenting
Read this article to discover what parallel and cooperative parenting mean. Basically, parallel parenting occurs when parents cannot communicate effectively with each other, and there is little wiggle room in the parenting plans developed in such situations. That said, parenting plans if you plan to go the cooperative parenting route should be as expansive as possible too. An attorney can help draw a plan up with the aid of your spouse’s lawyer.

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Strategies for debt and finances for engaged couples
Read this article to set a foundation for how couples engaged in New York should view their shared and individual debt and incomes. Find out how being honest early on, easing into combining finances, being supportive of each other and learning the law can all provide couples with peace of mind.

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Marital property questions often asked
Look at this article which addresses the many questions that you may have about marital property and divorce. Discover what constitutes marital property, how it is divided, how it is valuated and other important information. When people have questions, divorce attorneys can sit down with them and provide them with the answers they need.

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Protect yourself with an order of protection
Is someone close to you threatening or harassing you? Do you feel unsafe in your own home? Read this article to learn how you can protect yourself.

Visitation is a right that is shared by your children.  Please remember that they have two sides of the family with whom they may wish to share holidays and special events.

Prenuptial agreements - are then necessary?
 When planning a wedding very often much time, thought and expense is put into each and every detail.  The place for the ceremony, party, guest lists, dresses, suits, flowers, music and food.   While the big day is the focus, most people put little thought into what happens after you marry.  The most educated and sophisticated people often are unaware that their rights regarding property are substantially changed by saying "I do".
It is as important to know how your interest change once married, as it is to plan the perfect wedding. 
Do you need a prenuptial agreement?  Stay tuned.

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Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Sunshine rules the "language used by the parties is clear and unambiguous."

Attention Fathers:  If you are not married and have a child, and if you sign an acknowledgment of paternity of that child, under New York law you have only 60 days to vacate the acknowledgment of paternity. 
This means filing a petition in the Family Court to vacate the acknowledgment of paternity before 60 days from the date you sign.
So, if you have any doubt about whether you are the biological  father, do not sign the acknowledgment.  After 60 days the only way the acknowledgment can be set aside is if you can prove fraud, mistake or duress.  

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