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ad/pr & math student.
ad/pr & math student.

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I've been trying to get back into blogging, and post consistently this semester. If anyone wants to read, I just published my thoughts on somehow managing to survive until my last semester of undergrad!


Do you guys think Lily can still be good (because she was friendly enough with Emma) even though she had like all the darkness put into her? Or do you think because she has all the evil that she'll just become another villain without hope?

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Jul's new video :D

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I made a DIY on how to make your own wands without breaking Gringotts.

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So my friends and I have this theory that Gold is going to end up dying and someone is going to become a new Dark One. He’s manipulating everything so much despite supposedly having lost everything- you’d think he’d realize the dark path he was on and start making amends. But no, he dives deeper into the evil and that might possibly be the writers lining him up to be able to write him off altogether? Maybe not the end of this season or the next, because they don’t want to lose their biggest, baddest villain, but later on in the future Rumple is gonna die. They’ve separated Belle and Rumple and shown that she has tried her best to move on, so he doesn’t really have any roots- especially if he keeps manipulating everyone. We saw Belle’s reaction to him manipulating her again, and she’s so done. So I think it might be a possibility that Rumple bites the dust.

But to do that, someone would have to kill him with the dagger. (Right? That’s how he has to die?) So whoever does that, becomes the dark one. There are numerous characters who it would feel fitting to rid Storybrooke of the Dark One once and for all. Killian, to finally get revenge, and prove that becoming the dark one doesn’t make him turn back to the darkness. Belle, for so many perfect, obvious reasons to get back at the man who wronged her in so many ways. (Although she already had a moment of getting rid of him, so I’m not sure they would write that in again?) Emma, as she IS the savior. Regina, getting rid of her mentor and almost the same thing as Killian- proving she isn’t evil anymore. My friend has a different idea, though.


He pointed out that perhaps the prophecy still stood and Henry is still going to be Rumple’s undoing. And although it might be weird to think of the Heart of the Truest Believer to be the one to kill the dark one, I don’t think it’s completely impossible. I mean, if Gold was about to kill Emma or Regina, I can picture Henry getting the strength to stab him with the dagger (from the back or something, like Gold isn’t even expecting it and then he just dies and Henry is all like “mom!” and then there’s a huge family hug, Killian and Robin coming in, pulling Belle with them, and Snow and Charming trying to get in on it, too) and then Henry becomes the Dark One. 

I don’t know.

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