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Jazzmine Smith
Worked at Pure Gold Entertainment Palace
Attended Quarta Bag High!
Lives in Fayettenam, Nort' Cakkalack
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Yo ass is in my fukkun world now, foo! Now git yo' ass up to da stage and gimme yo dolla dolla billz! word an' shyt, foo! word!
I a'int no strippah! I iz a brootifuh, classy woman, princess & entatainuh of da year around here, ya heard? Now getchyo ass upta da stage and cum gimme muh well deserved dolla dolla bill!

Hey, yo, whuddup, Homez. Mah name is Jazzmine, yo. I iz from Fayettenam, North Cakkalack and I workz up at da Pure Gold in da county of Moore in North Cakkalack makin da dolla dolla billz an' shyt. I luv ta make da boys feel all good an' shyt, it's mah job and shyt, ya know, home slice? Word. It gets me all tingly down there. But don't get me wrong an' shyt, home skillet, I iz not a strippah, yo, I iz an entatainuh, ya heard? So just becauze I iz workin' up in a gentleman's club, don't just expect me to go an' start flashin' muh boobiez an' ass an' shyt all over the place fo' you! That's what strippahs do, and as you know already, I'm most definitely NOT a strippah, but a lovely, sexy, brootifuh entahtainuh. If you call me a strippah, or just expect me to flash you muh boobiez, or refuse to tip me, I'll get all pissy and bitchy and stomp muh beautiful, entahtainin' ass right outta da fuckin' front door and shyt. I don't show my nips fo' tips an' shyt. You should be happy an' feel priviliged an' all that good shyt to see muh beautiful, sexy, ebony azz prance around in muh sexy azz lingerie that I bought on sale a Big Lots an' shit. I iz one fly, sexy, ghettofabulous bytch, yo! Butt anywayz, back to what's important here... ME! I won the entatainuh of the year back in 2002, and what a lot of big, sweaty, manly, executive, mothafukka-in-charge bossman ding-a-ling I had to suck to win that award! But it don't mattah none, homez, cuz my ass fukkin' won! I is da entatainuh of da year fo 2002 an' shyt! Dat means I iz da most entatainin' entatainuh out there! A'int gonna be no betta lookin, mo' entahtainin' biznitch out there and shyt, ya' heard, suckaz? I iz bein' fo' real, an' shyt! Anyways, now that you has been all up in muh profile, yo ass betta cum see me at da club sometime, say whuddup to me if ya' see muh beautiful azz prancin' around on stage, and most importantly, TIP ME MUH FUKKIN' DOLLAH BILL!!! IT'S HARD TO BE THIS FUKKIN' BRUTIFUH AN' SHYT!!! AN' IT'S JUST AS HARD TO LOOK SO DAMN BROOTIFUH WHILE PRANCIN' AROUND IN MUH LINGERIE FO' YOU ALL NIGHT, SO GIMME ME MUH WELL EARNED DOLLAH BILL SO I CAN GO PAY MUH PIMP OFF AND PAY FO' MUH MAGIC POWDER (CRACK) HABIT! An' remember when you cum to visit me dat Strippahtainuhz is people too! Be nice an' tip us, an' by us, I mean me, an' only me. Much love an' shyt, yo. Thanks fo' stoppin by and peepin' muh shyt, home skillet!
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I iz da muh fukkun entatainuh of da muh fukkun year, foo! Yo' foo ass betta reckonize an' shyt! word, bee-yatch! word up to yo' aunt jemima in da hood!
  • Quarta Bag High!
  • High As Fuckin' Fuck, Fuckerz!
  • Damm she by all fly an' shyt, yo! universitee
    I gots muh DICKtorATE in Hot Ass Hoochie and Entatainuh of da year, 1969
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Entatainuh Of Da Year!
I a'int no strippah! I iz a muh fukkun entatainuh! Ya heard?!?!?!? WOOT! Word, bay-be! Word!
  • Pure Gold Entertainment Palace
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Fayettenam, Nort' Cakkalack