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Thomas Ballantyne
Pest Control Guy for Bulwark. AKA: Husband, Daddy, and Thos003
Pest Control Guy for Bulwark. AKA: Husband, Daddy, and Thos003


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"Houston we have a problem."

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A tiny leaf-hopping insect was recently discovered by scientists, which just happened to have an intricate mechanical gear system in its back legs.Cool!

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I find it interesting that the Google +1 in Google Plus is only a +1 on the Post in Google Plus. A +1 in Google Plus does not show as a public +1 in Google search results for a link shared in Google Plus. I wonder how much weight a google +1 for a google plus link post will carry. #SEO

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As always, the Local Search Ranking factors compiled by +David Mihm are insightful. But I found reading the notes of the local SEO experts even more insightful. So to give credit to give credit where credit is due >>>>

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US Airforce dropping in today. View from the Mesa bug guy's window.

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Visiting our Knoxville Pest Control location today.

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Freelancers giving some good ideas on a logo for ... not too shabby.

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If you are an exterminator then I encourage you to participate in our G+ community. 

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R2D2 Building?? ...things you notice on #StarWarsDay

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I bet +Chase Granberry likes my hat. You can thank +Melissa Fach 
Advanced Local Review and Reputation Tips - April 29th, 2015

Hosted by +Myles Anderson  at #InsideLocal and +BrightLocal 

All of the following information has been paraphrased. Because that's how I roll.

The debaters are: +Phil Rozek, +Don Campbell, +Aaron Weiche, and +Thomas Ballantyne 

How involved should you be in Reputation Management?

Reviews need to be monitored, scrutinized, and capitalized on. Review content is often overlooked.

How many reviews should a business have?

Thomas - 7-10 reviews is a good start, but don't stop getting them. Age of reviews is a good indicator of how well a business is performing.

How do you get reviews?

Thomas - We promote, fire, reward based on the reviews our branches get. 

Phil - We ask for a review as soon as we see a smile. Business owners rarely follow up on getting reviews. They need to figure out how to make review acquisition a part of their goals.

Don - What works best for us is asking for a review as soon as the interaction is over. If it's fresh in the brain, they will most likely leave a review. Consider a postcard or email. Persistence pays off.

Should reviews be incentivized?

Aaron - Don't do it. Buying reviews is bad. Fake reviews are gimmicks.

How to suppress bad reviews

Don - Follow up with your bad reviews. What if you don't even know that you fixed the problem that caused the bad review in the first place? You have to ask for feedback.

Thomas - Getting more reviews is a good tactic. We reach out to the bad reviewers and try to make it better. Following up is fantastic. Many times, a review can be changed.

Phil - Don't try to get all happy customers to only give reviews one particular review website. Refer them to review sites that are easy to sign up for, i.e. with Facebook sign-in.

Aaron - Be careful about how you respond to negative reviews. Being emotional can be detrimental.

Will Google and the other big review sites kill the smaller ones?

Phil - About a year ago Yahoo killed off the reviews of many highly established local businesses after their merger with Yelp. Many old reviews were lost. Yahoo does not offer the ability to leave a Yahoo review. So yes, review services can kill others off.

Aaron - Websites that have the most info will be the winners over the latecomers. 

Don - Facebook reviews are probably the easiest reviews to get because most people have a Facebook account. I think Facebook is going to be a huge contender in the review ecosystem.

Phil - Niche review websites are HUGE. You need to be using them.

How about review syndication?

Don - Back in the day, it may have been valuable. Today, it may not be the best thing to do. Use the proper schema markup and keep an updated website. It's your review - it's your content.
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