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It was planned, SoFreakingBoring is now open source :   #rails   #projectmanagement   #github  

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The genesis
You : Oh no ! Not another project management software ! Why have you created that ?

Me : I wanted to track time for project tasks and I couldn’t find any free or simple web application to do this. I found great collaborative tools like basecamp or boring software bloated with data but no simple solution. And we didn’t want to use spreadsheets anymore. So, was born.

You : ok, let’s say this new application was not useless. What can this piece of software help me to do ?

I : sofreakingboring allows you to create projects, invite people to this projects, create tasks, assign tasks to members, and track time spent on tasks. That’s all. And it displays all this with pretty graphs.

You : you mean, I have no kanban or scrum board, no gantt chart, no documents sharing, no …

I : no, and you won’t. Sofreakingboring has been made to track time and, currently, it won’t do more. 

You : why is it free ?

I : It’s free because it was initially created for our internal use but we think others could be interested. And, when we’ll be ready we think that we’ll open source it. 

You : thank you, I think I will take a look at It’s free after all :)
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