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I flashed stock android 5.1.1 on my nexus 9 last night and now this every boot. A lot of Broken apps to. Guess I need to go back to buggy 5.0.2.


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Take my 💵💵💵💵💵💵 now. 
To celebrate Star Wars day, Microsoft has shown off concept designs for some spiffy looking Xbox One controllers that feature the likes of Chewbacca and Bobba Fett.

Hey AAA guys.

I just finished watching last week's show #191. In your mail segment, there was a Canadian viewer that had problems getting Google's support from the +Google Play ​for a nexus 5.

I am also from Canada and would like to say that my experience was Hassel free.

I had a nexus 5 (bought from the play store 10/31/13) that the mic stopped working in early December 2014

I went to the help on the play store and started a live chat with a rep. He had me go though a list of things to try. (Reboot, volume check, factory reset) None of which worked. He then sent a link to get a refurbished unit. (That came in within a week) I sent my broken nexus back in the box my replacement came in. Five stars for the play store!!

Love the show, keep up the good work.

Chris from Canada Ontario

Just rooted my nexus 5 after the 4.4.4 update and was thinking about farting around with different roms again. Last time I flashed a ROM was back with jellybean. Is it even worth flashing ROMs with KitKat being as good as it is? If so which ROM other than CM?

Why can I only go back so far on the Google+ app?

I love system updates, I just hate having to reroot my nexus after the update. Why doesn't +Google release a rooted and none rooted version?

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Love it!

Why is "devices" in +Google Play not available on my phone? I don't want to boot up my laptop!

After a month of hesitation on buying #tasker the app, I finally just did it. There is a learning curve, but with a little persistence I managed to have tasker do all the following automatically.

Turn on/off Wi-Fi when it Connect's to cell towers around my home.

Unlock/lock my phone when it Connect's to my home Wi-Fi.

Turn Skype on/off when it Connect's to my home Wi-Fi.

Mute & dim the screen brightness on the phone durning my sleeping hours.

I'm also going to add mute when it connects to cell towers around my work place.

This app is great. A great community for questions too.

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Another 1 for the wish list.
This chair has a built in beer tap... From the bottom.
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