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Global Android Dev Camp
Android User Groups hacking at the same time worldwide - 12 - 14 September 2014 #GADC
Android User Groups hacking at the same time worldwide - 12 - 14 September 2014 #GADC

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The biggest Google related event in the region carefully crafted for you by the GDG Düsseldorf community! Expect awesome speakers, great company and good fun!

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We are looking for help to improve the web site, e.g.

Looking forward to your pull requests

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How shiny: Our new logo!

Do you like it?

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Theme: "Wearables" and "Productive Android"

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Save the date: 12-14 September 2014. The next edition of the GADC is about "Wearables" and "Productive Android"

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Hi everyone, we have updated the program for GDG Singapore DevFest 2013. #gdg   #devfest  

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Back in May at #io13 +Xavier Ducrohet gave a great introduction to the new Android SDK build system, Gradle. One of the many benefits of Gradle and Android Studio is that it pulls a number of useful services in to a centralized location, making it easier for developers to seamlessly control their development environment, tools, and services.

In the talk he mentioned testing on real devices with AppThwack from within Android Studio, and now you can. We suggest testing often on a small number of devices in order to catch performance and other issues as they're introduced in to the code, not further along the development cycle.

Best of all, it's easy to get started. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to get you up and running.

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To all #gdg members that have an Android phone.

Introducing Project Frisbee

Introducing GDG Frisbee

All GDG content in one place. Project Frisbee is the result of GDG[x]'s coordinated efforts to build an application that makes it easier to discover Google Developer Group content while being on the go.

Frisbee is a community effort and we appreciate the help of everyone who wants to help improve the App. For now we need translators who want to help us make Frisbee available in every language out there.

Check for more information.
Post your feature requests and bugreports here:


Get the app here:

#gdgx   #frisbee  

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It's 23:30pm!


Tech Needs Girls! To program like +Achere Buxton and write like her too :-)

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To everyone interested in the African economy and developer world:

1) Join Android conference droidcon in Tunis on 26-28 April (six weeks to go). Call for papers is still open for two more weeks:

2) The African Android Challenge:
Submit your app until 15 April!
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