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New bed, plans from  48 inches off the ground, fits twin and crib mattress with body pillows around the crib mattress to fill in the gaps. 
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You can see a video of Pete in hospital. Tobi posted it on google. 
Thanks Aunt Bonnie.  I think he would have to share it with me for me to see it.  I assume he only shared it with immediate family which I understand.  We are thinking and praying for you all and Peter daily.  Sending Love... Julie
Ok. He is doing a little tiny bit better daily. The nurses have him sitting
up in bed part of the day. He is alert but his mind is not remembering what
happened. He just needs time to heal.
Good news to hear that he is alert and able to sit up.  The mind has a way of protecting itself from trauma.  I'm sure he is reassured that you, Tobi, Clark and Paul have been able to visit as often as you have. 
Hi! I am in the process of making this bed from handmadehome and I like your railing. Could you tell me what size boards you used to make it and if it is sturdy? Thanks!
They are 1x4 boards on the railing.  This is the sturdiest bed I've ever been on.  My entire family can get up there without any wobble.  It weighs a TON though.  I didn't think about this and now we need new carpet in his room and my husband won't help me move it or take it apart.  

My daughter has a full size loft Maxtrix bed that we spend quite a bit on and it is very wobbly(although claims to hold 800 lbs).  I wish we would have made a bed like this for her.  Good luck!  We love the bed and it was totally worth making!
Thanks for the help! We made our daughter's bed similar to yours. Just finished up the railing. Going to add a farmhouse style headboard to ours and a bookcase at the foot of the bed underneath. It does seem very sturdy so far! Thanks again! 
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