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We de-vandalized some signs today.

(See also +Harena Atria's post, if you're in her extended circles:
Also, #ruggerducky just 'cuz this:
[edit] Amendment. In Brief As pretty much everyone who is both in North Carolina and not living in a cave is now aware, our esteemed "conservatives" are currently trying to pass a law amendi...
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most places it's illegal to vandalize political posters. of course, you have to catch 'em...
Apologies for not posting my entry publicly so you could have easily reshared it >.>

I like your wiki post, though :D
Good for you Woozle. When I was in college in the deep South and trying to get a GLBTI group started, we would print 50 copies of a sign, plaster a hallway, go upstairs, come down and they'd all be down. With maybe two or three students in between classes. I shit you not, the BSU (Baptist Student Union) actually tried to follow me and get some dirt on me. Problem was I'm pretty vanilla. I'd just gotten out of the Army, and it was tough for them to debate with me. I knew the Bible better than they did.
Really makes you wonder (a) who is doing it, and (b) what their problem is, doesn't it.

We drive past these signs at least once a day, so I'll know within 24 hours (except over the weekend) whether they've been vandalized again. After doing the lettering by hand a couple of times -- which took maybe 5-10 minutes each, mostly for the inking-in -- I realized I could probably do them much more easily and quickly on a laser printer. So subsequent damage control should be easier.
+Pam Spaulding has been extensively covering the whole Amendment thing in North Carolina, if you weren't already aware of that?
Yeah, I've been following her since approximately mid-Bush ;-) She works not far from our beaten paths, but I've never actually met her.

Checked the signs today -- not yet re-vandalized.
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