A handful of administrivia things:

* Because of a recent death in our family, +Mark Kriegsman and myself are going to be stepping back from FastLED for a little bit. One of the things we love about this community is how helpful all of you are with each other, and we're extra thankful for that right now. There's more in Mark's post here: https://plus.google.com/112916219338292742137/posts/5h1K2DSGd9w?sfc=true

* In light of the above, +Jason Coon offered to help out with moderation here, so I've bumped him up to moderator to help out with when g+ decides to auto-moderate posts.

* Also - I believe I have discovered what it is that's causing g+ to auto-moderate posts - it appears to do so when folks use pastebin for posting code. In that case, please use gist.github.com, not pastebin for posting code - I've updated the faq at http://fastled.io/faq to reflect this.

I'm going to pin this post, and will update it as we figure out more things (we haven't decided yet whether or not to add another admin to the FastLED github yet, for example).

Thank you again, everyone, for your support, for being a fantastic community, and for all the light.
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