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Question: Why am I seeing random locations, or lat/lon coordinates in my location list?

Answer: We are investigating the issue, and version 1.3 fixes some of it, as well as adds the ability to remove an incorrectly added location.

Question: Why are you connecting to different servers within Forecast Bar?

Answer: In addition to, we also utilize Crashlytics to learn of crashes within the app, so we can fix any that occur. Additionally, we load wallpaper images from various wallpaper sites, which can be turned off in the Preferences.

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Version 1.3 has been released to the Mac App Store with the following changes:
- Animated radar maps from
- Ability to remove locations
- Mousing over extended temperature charts provides detailed overlay
- 7 day weather summary option (versus standard 2 day) 
- Support for more locations (up to 10)
- Fix for servere weather alert expirations 
- Various improvements
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