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Keith LaFountaine
Live like you'll die tomorrow, dream like you'll live forever.
Live like you'll die tomorrow, dream like you'll live forever.

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Final Project - Drunk Driving
It was a warm night in July. The air was still and every star in the sky sparkled like
glass shattered throughout the heavens. I remember thinking that the leather of my steering wheel
seemed strangely cold and smooth.    I was alone—or at least I was when ...

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Final Project Outline
For my final project, I will be doing a PSA, graph, and write-up discussing the statistics and impact of drunk driving. Burlington High School has a mock crash to show students the dangers of drinking and driving. This mock crash is designed in such a way t...

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A Corner of History - Video Project
(The URL for the video on iReport is below. iReport wouldn't let me share the video in any way until CNN verifies it. Therefore, I'll embed the video from Youtube and should CNN verify the video, I'll embed it from iReport.)

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Video Project Outline
For my video project, I will be doing a small piece on a deli in my hometown. The deli building has been standing for about 60 years, and the family who currently owns it has plans of tearing it down to create a new building. I plan to show this story via i...

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Video in Newspaper: Burlington Free Press
For this assignment, I decided to look at the Burlington Free Press. Given that Burlington is my hometown, I have always seen papers from the Free Press around the town (especially in diners and coffee shops). I occasionally go on their site, but I get most...

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iReport Review
iReport is an interesting storytelling device. It allows users to put together their own stories and articles, and this plethora of information is both daunting and inviting. The format of the site is pleasant enough in its aesthetics, and the profile forma...

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Audio Slideshow: Music From 2 Perspectives

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Audio Slideshow Synopsis
Our - Keith & Sarah's - project will be a discussion of music and its influence on various people, including musicians and casual listeners. The goal of this will be to see how music influences various people, whether in day to day life, or in their own cre...

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Ferguson, Haiti, and the Climate March
The first slideshow I found was on the New Yorker, showcasing the streets of Ferguson, MO during the riots that occurred. As far as storytelling goes, these pictures have a power to them a video could not master. The photos range from uplifting to horrifyin...
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