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Florida and a New Car!
Hey all y'all. (lol) So... my family decided that this year we would do our family reunion at a timeshare in Reunion, Florida.  We stayed within a 30 minute drive to Disney parks and Universal Studios. This was the place we stayed.  Fancy shmancy.  Had a po...

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Lots to catch up on....(Photo Dump)
Hello to all who still follow my blog...

After a long hiatus, I am back to document life. First off, a couple of our good friends, Esther and Rian, got married in Maui. We were honored to be invited to their wedding. We took some photos of our week-long...

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Absolutely Speechless
It was a typical day
in Ms. X’s 8 th grade class.   She never seemed to be able to steer the class into talking about what
we were supposed to be studying.   Let’s
just be honest...the students were all pretty disrespectful and couldn’t care
less what she p...

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How I stay sane while doing full time school and work.

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Enjoying the Moment
What has the Son family been up to?  Well..... life has been so busy for the past few months that it feels like it is our new reality to hardly see each other, except at night and on the weekends. I have learned from experience that if you let it, a busy li...

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Another - I Am Currently - Post
Making:  the most of two week break before summer school. Cooking:  hahaha! riiiiight.... Drinking:  spring water from Mt. Rainier. Reading:   None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen. Wanting:  to be graduated already! Looking:  into who I should vote fo...

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Ask Lion....Some Interesting Questions
Time to get narcissistic!!!! I am answering a questionnaire (found on Tuaari's Tumblr )...50 things you may or may not know about me (Ashleigh Son): 1:  What eye color do you find sexiest?  Black,
like Brandon’s of course! 2:  White, milk, or dark chocolate...

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Running Out of Summer
You guys.... I have been enjoying my summer so much.  It doesn't even feel real! I took some pictures of some beautiful walks I went on.  (Never mind the fact that just yesterday I went on a walk around the park near my house only to be scared out of my ski...

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Dropping In...
Hello to all my dearest readers!  Wanted to drop in and let you know how my summer is going.  All I can say is, HEAVENLY!!!!!  Not being in school is practically the best thing that has ever happened to me (well, besides Brandon and the rest of my family an...

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Spring Break!!!
Hello loyal readers. I wanted to take this opportunity to blog since I don't have class for ten more days.  I got a few emails from some friends asking me when I will be writing my next post. One of them in particular was super thoughtful (and you know who ...
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